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  • plutothecat_17 plutothecat_17 Aug 2, 2005 12:52 PM Flag

    Curious On Health Insurance

    I ran into a 50 yr old retired policeman today while exercising.Guy is married with 2 kids and looks in terrific shape which he is.I asked about his retirement and he said pay is good 60% after 25 yrs but has to pay $1200/mo for family health insurance with Blue Cross.I was shocked at the cost.Since retired military get free private medical & prescription drugs I never thought about rising health insurance.Is this unusual?

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    • Kiki,
      I didn't say I was compaining. Persh, for the 2nd or 3rd time questioned me about way my life was as a youngster. I just repeated what I had written before. I said, I was happy. I taught with a lady and her father was Russian and her mother was German. She was born in 1937 in Lenningrad. She spent the war years in Berlin. She described how they lived underground and she never saw the sun for months at a time. How dirt and debris would fall from the ceiling during bombing. How they crawled from "apartment" to "apartment", and how they played as kids. We asked, if she was terrified all the time. No, she said, she thought she had a normal life, it was just the way it was, for her and her friends. She didn't know anything different. And, that is pretty much the way it is for all of us, unless we are tortured and raped by those we know. So, in that respect my life was just like everyone I knew, very normal, just as your life as a youngester was normal unless you could see a vast difference between you and those around you. We were appalled at the way she spent her early years but she wasn't. We wondered how anyone lived in those conditions wouldn't grow up with problems. Well, most don't as it just the way it was.

    • Phy

      Stop whining for crying out loud! Your typical NA native. How about chewing on elephant trunk boiled for 12 hours for dinner and go to bed hungry?

      You were blessed, so zip it up amigo.

      Bonjour! Kiki

    • Kiki

      You are so obtuse that I can not have a response. Headed for the mountains.

      Ponte is only a person, and I know them well.


    • Aok

      Pontycula = MTG ???

      Aloha! Kiki

    • Aok

      Get out of the way, amigo, or else Pontycula will cut off your little walloping wallowando.

      I predicted a while ago that treasury secretary John der Snowblower would convert the national debt to long term status at Greenspan request. Yesterday they just said so on the news: Snow is a Republicrap fer sherr, I must agree with the Pontycula on this one.

      It will burst the real estate bubble but be good for the REITS like NLY. How about NFI??

      What is your assessment (w/o asking your guru on the other MB), don't you have opinions of your own? Then why your silence???

      My MHI order just went through ;-)

      Alohas! Kiki

    • Plute a lot of people grew up poor:
      IF you didn't count you as lucky;
      Most of the navy hillbillies went into the navy to excaspe the poverty of the South of the late 50 early 60;
      mY father was a cotten farmer untill allotments alloted him out of the fields. { not enough allotment for survival];
      My family I mean the bro& sis [mom& dad both are deceased] have done ok; 2 of the 4 are millionaires; Older bro was a lifer in the army;
      Two older sis both married and have a very sufficient retirement;
      Me I own two homes[till next week] retired at 59 and secure in the future;
      Farm kids do quite well out in the world of hard knocks,

      Thank you phy for reminding me of my roots..
      May you always have a breese on your back k and sun in your life.

    • Plute,

      God's know I have tried to do the right thing on this MB. You have stood by me, you, and several others.

      I may write a bit tonight about the mysteries of Transylvania. My friend has returned with information never before revealed.

      Now to work, Persh

    • Phy -- You are No. 1 achiever.

    • Phy & Persh- Phy that is a convincing story real Horatio Alger and you should be proud of your accomplishments.But I also believe Persh graduated from Vanderbilt & Vanderbilt Med School.He did say he had Residency at U of Cal Med School in San Francisco on Parnassus St I know the territory.I would like whomever reads this to recommend it if they believe Persh is an MD. Check 6 Plute

    • Persh,
      Yes, I would have liked to have gone to Med school. I never tried to get in for the following two reason. Lack of money, and I don't think my grades were good enough to have been accepted. I never tried. You are totally wrong about my opinion of M.D.'s. My best friend from college became an M.D. We go on cruises together. He lives in Iowa. I did take a pre-med class in endocrinology. There were 11 in that class. I was the only one that was not a pre-med student. When, the professor found that out he wasn't happy with me. I was 9th in that class and the only one who got a, "C" even though there were two with a lower grades. I finnished with an 89%. One of the students became a well known heart surgeon in IN and one of the best in the mid-west or so I was told a few years ago.

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