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  • pershing832003 pershing832003 Aug 8, 2005 9:58 PM Flag

    This Board Needs...


    My experience in Vegas is limited. But, women were not. There was more than one for every taste. Money and pussy, life's basics.

    Having both at the same time is the trick!


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    • Where dat old shithead, Mr Ponty go. He done slunk off. He be back. Dr Persh sho gave him a hard time. Mr Ponty do'n know nuthin. He come back an' all, Dr Persh maybe let de dog on him.

      I sure appreciated Standoff, KiKi and all, setting Ponty straight. And, Cat, too.

      The General

    • I like the natural ventillation gap between the thighs... Good for natural friction cooling... Lower landing zone... Like an ILR Beacon on a dark night beckoning the arrival of the whisper jet...

      I went to HighSchool with a girl with fat thighs that would wake the dead when she was wearing courdaroys in late September...

      It would have been smart for her to carry a fire extinguisher on her back instead of the bookbag...

      Had I cared more, I would have suggested it too her...

      Squish, Squish, Squish-Squish... Of course that recommedation would have to be made in a classroom and not whilst she was shufflin down the hallway...



    • Having both at the same time is the trick.

      Plenty in Nashville, particularly if you can dance. Dance lessons are fun, and women love to dance.

      You are an intelligent man, and you could have a quite lovely campanion who could converse as well. If she can not talk, it is not worth beans in my opinion. Laughter matters much as well.

      I never took advantage while married in Vegas, but you certainly could. Cabbies are the information channel. I was at the Venetian with Cheng during a porn star convention, and it was pure eye candy.

      No offense intended, of course. Watching football!


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