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  • physalia2000 physalia2000 Aug 14, 2005 3:58 PM Flag


    I can't remember this gril's first name, even though I do remember her last name. I also, remember her mother's first name and her maiden name as I also had her in class. Her mother's first name was Cathy. She graduated about 1966. Her daughter the one who woke up paralyzed graduated about 1987. Cathy also had a son and he married another one of my students. About, 3 years after the paralyzed girl graduated, I had the brother of the girl who had married the paralyzed girl's brother in class. One day in class, I happened to think about the paralyzed girl, and I asked this boy if the paralyzed girl's disease had been diagnosed. He said, yes that 4 years after she woke up paralyzed, that she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

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    • Persh,
      You essentially said that you didn't believe my story about growing up. Well, the story was true as is the story about the parazlyzed girl. My comment about dentures is not true. My father had false teeth and he sacrificed to make sure we kids would never had them.

    • Phy,

      I don't remember saying anything about your boyhood. I did make the observation, correctly, that your board persona was one of middle class semi-poverty when, indeed, you had a lot of money and lived in an upper end Fla town on the water.

      As to the size of your boat, I don't know.


    • Phy

      Just an educated guess. I always remember the joke I once told my Dad, his dentures started laughing in their glass of water!

      Take things in stride! Kiki

    • Kiki,
      How did you know I had dentures?

    • Kiki,
      You are right. Persh wanted a scenario where he could't lose, and I gave him one where he couldn't win. Then, he had the agnascity (my own made up word) to declare himself the winner. I am thinking about puting (never made a mistake my life Persh and semi-delusional Plute) on permanent, quote the raven for everymore, ignore.

    • ...amazing how your true personality comes out at night. You are a sad, sad, case.

    • Whatza matta, Ponte boy -- can't stand someone commenting on not only your English, but your Latin, too?

      The tone of my reply was civil and direct. I merely suggested a different formation of the 'dead' language. I deliberately qualified my usage with the term "more likely" rather than "should be". And, I offered a humorous reply to your gorillas/chimps conjecture. But of course you're entirely too egoisticly self absorbed to recognize that. You assume everything is an attack. Sad.

      Go cry in the corner - your invectives are of no use here.

    • Phy

      Nobody implied you were lying through your dentures.

      Buonanotte! Kiki

    • Phy

      Your riddle was poorly chosen. It would be akin a skyer braking a leg on the slope, going to the hospital, catching pneumonia and the physician stating that the skyer broke his leg because he had pneumonia.

      The General is an M.D. fer sherr! Kiki

    • Ponte:

      Expressed in English, what you say makes sense. But your Latin rendering is inaccurate.

      "Lupus lupini homo" has incorrect case for both 'lupini' and 'homo'. More likely you should have said "Lupus lupo hominem", using the dative case 'lupo' and the accusative case 'hominem' -- thus, "Wolf, to wolf, is a man", or your more freely stated "Wolf is humanlike to another wolf."

      As for our evolutionary ancestors, I rather think we (or most of us) must be progeny of hyenas.



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