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  • plutothecat_17 plutothecat_17 Oct 5, 2005 4:54 PM Flag

    Worried Economy

    Listening to end-of-world reports on impact of avian flu is enough to crash the market.We need good news like Abbott discovering Avian Flu antidote.Let alone million Katrina refugees living forever in Holiday Inns with FEMA paying the bill.Bush needs to defer Medicare Prescription Drugs but he will not.At least he could reopen that Transportation Bill with $50 Bil pork.Meanwhile Fed Govt & Congress get 3.44% raise and I get my COLA.Stuck in Iraq forever can't leave or we got terrorism choking US interests around the world and then we strangle economically.Good time to have a martini on rocks with twist.Check 6

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    • Thank you... Was the first known case a guy named "Sal Manilla"...?

      Just kidding you Ponte'...


    • I am not Pro-Corps, but I always must ask who is really in charge when it comes to the Government...?

      That is the dilemma...


    • I know it has spread from Bird to Human... Has it spread from Human to Human...? That is the real concern, is it not...?

      The Human to Human is the mutation I am talking about...

      Always clarifying because I am not smart enough to say it right the first time...


    • weB

      It will mutate into the 1918 avian virus, he, he!

      Banzai! Kiki

    • weB

      Katrina was a C-3 and the levees were supposed to withstand C-3 force hurricanes. The US Army Corps of DOLT Engineers goofed big time, who could we trust to build a wall on the Southern border? Haliburton?

      Booyah! Kiki

    • AeffinMen on the border thing Keef... The Corps of Engineers brought over Kudzu, and look at what it has done to the indigenous fawn and flora...

      Close the Borders, at least for a few years, while we re-group...


    • Thank you Ortho

      To me the fact that it is the same or a similar avian virus is of little importance. The outcome is what counts, and I'm not sure that is is established beyond a reasonable doubt that they are not one and the same, only in the pigeon's mind fer sherr!

      Illegal immigrants are going to bring it to our shores.

      Banzai! Kiki

    • Repent! A ruinous day for me.

      I did sell 1/3 of a large stash of ECA at the peak here a week or so ago. The S&P, is gone too. Even my beloved IFN and the FXI dropped.

      Harriet is a disaster. Probably one reason the mkt went down. Bush is going to lay us all low. What a free-for-all, Blacks raising hell, spineless Reepubs only want to get re-elected and the Dems don't have a clue about anything. Now cometh Harriet. What if it's revealed she is a closet lesbian. We would have a damn revolution! Baptist would take to the streets. It just goes to show what an Ivy League/up east education will do to a good Texan. Am I wrong?

      The General

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