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  • wealthoutlook wealthoutlook Oct 10, 2005 2:06 PM Flag

    NFI vs SAX Discussion Wanted

    What, errr,exactly, is your point?

    Here 's the upshot:

    ABT is rangebound, nothing ever happens. Some people have a lot of it, we call them the "bagholders". You may or may not wish to be in the club.

    Some have NFI and SAX, they are the optimists among us. You might join them as well.

    Some have lots of energy exposure, we call them "Buds with sore hinders". They often refer to substances falling out of the sky, sometimes green. Join them your own risk.

    Most posters have been here 3 to 5 years, it's like a family, we know how to piss each other off, and often do.

    Join this club, if you desire. We do require a recent photo, and substantial background information.

    Myself, I have a sore hinder.


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    • W/O-Colorado had 20" snow last nite,you had any yet? I am both a bagholder and optimist but have not yet chased energy.Persh prefers coal to oil as less risky.Even utilities fear interest rate rise & gas prices so maybe cash is king.At what price would you buy NFI? At what price would you sell NFI? Today would have been good day to do both. Spec-Is AGEN news just more hype as looks like more trials planned?

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      • Plute,

        For it ain't about the price, it's about the momentum. Need to see the bottom.

        I think I'll be buying SAX at the proper time, but I can wait awhile. Pretty funny, for all the pain in energy today and elsewhere, overall my investments lost 8 bucks. Prolly get killed tomorrow, FDG won't save my butt two days in a row, IMO.

        Might even buy NFI when the general attitude changes. If it was going broke, I'm thinking it would be there by now.

        see ya.


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