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  • plutothecat_17 plutothecat_17 Oct 15, 2005 11:33 AM Flag

    Friday Was Tradeable Bounce

    We may see more volatility next week in energy as if you have been watching gas prices they seem to change daily around here.This means oil is cylical no one sure of if it will be up or down next month as PEs not real high.Hill made a good point on NFI MB where po folk mreits like NFI loaning $140K should not be hurt like RWT with $700K-up loans.Next week real test for both.I like BBT,the 100-yr Carolina-based bank paying 3.50% and ready to move up 10% by EOY.Motley Fool agrees in:"Sleep tight with BBT" can't say same for NFI which may account for Aok's insomnia.We all complain about ABT flat for 5-years but would be in same boat if I bot WMT,GE or other "blue-chips" 5 years ago.ABT still better than MRK,BMY,PFE or LLY. JNJ & WYE may be better.Persh-Both in trouble today with UGA-Vandy & FSU-UVA. Hoping for NORTHWESTERN to beat PURDUE but think So Cal will beat ND by 10 pts.Great day in Virginia. Ciao

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    • Ponty,

      Whatever, so famously said many times by our old Bud, Phy!

      He was your sidekick or even, Tontoesque.

      Kemo sabe, Persh

    • By God even you exhibit that you have learned something sometimes. Pig heads are not supposed to learn diddly.

    • Plute,

      You have missed the point many times over the years. You seemed to catch it a little bit in that last post. Those of us that have sold ABT have not sold because we feel it is a lousy drug company. We have sold because it is a drug company. Many of the companies you've cited in your post have performed worse than ABT. PFE has been the laggard of all the laggards, with so much hope for it. I want to remind all that Kiki sold his PFE above $30. Congratulations, Kiki.

      So comparing ABT to other drug companies and saying it's a good stock because it was better than other drug companies is not valid. It's a very vulnerable industry. I post often about Democrats taking power and HRC etc. I have no clue whether that will happen. But it's a possibility and if it happens, these stocks are more vulnerable. Who wants a lot of money exposed to a risk like that?

      But yours was an interesting post.

      Incidentally, when wizzing during the middle of the night, while 75% asleep, it makes sense to avail oneself of the opportunity to sit down. Especially if the wizzing process is a bit more protracted than at earlier times in one's life.


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      • Lib-You miss my point,ABT is like a wife you had for 40-yrs maybe not as much fun as those first years of marriage but you become so attached you know separation is not an option as she did serve you well for years and the divys [3 super kids]are great.Besides she would never let me sell the 10,000 sh I gave her 10-yrs ago but does not care what I do with mine.I do think Kiki & Spec make a point ABT is a safe resilent trading stock and like NFI if it drops you hold for divy.BTW-If you have an erratic stream better check for BPH and get a rotor-rooter job.I went to urologist 4 times checking why I have to pee every 2-hrs at night.He checked plumbing found no problems,passed digital & PSA=0.1 and holding.So after a series of flow velocity/quantity tests I told him I drink too much water & HCT diuretic pill for hypertension is the probable cause.He agreed but those 4-visits testing really pissed me off,that's why Medicare so costly.See my 3-Fed pensions will rise 4.1% with highest inflation since 1980.This means rising interest rates for a while,hope NFI can handle it.

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