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  • pershing832003 pershing832003 Nov 21, 2005 5:31 PM Flag

    Cut and Run Ponte

    That lady Repub called Murtha a coward on the House floor, and the Dems went into a tither. Wringing their hands and sniffling. Crying out. You have to know they had her ready to rumble.

    It'll get them beat in '06 and in '08!

    The General

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    • General

      I wouldn't have gone so far as saying Murtha is a coward because he has a point. But Ponte and all the other Democraps hiding behind his britches for cover was disgraceful, it will cost them in 06 fer sherr.

      The lesson of Vietnam Murtha hasn't learned is that we should have stayed over there and in Cambodia after the Tet Offensuve victory when the vietcong and the North Vietnamese were soundly defeated.

      Why did we stay in Germany and japan after the war was over with? And in Kosovo and in about 100 other countries? We sould have taken out Saddam during the Gulf War, instead of bowing to the wishes of the cheese-eating surrender monkeys. JMO.

      Congrats for your GOOG, ECA, FDG and SJT. Do you still have the gold bug?

      Bonsoir! Kiki

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