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  • commerce314 commerce314 Dec 2, 2005 10:26 AM Flag

    Bought more ABT

    Bought more ABT yesterday. Average price 37.789. I have no more dry powder.

    Abbott is working on a treatment (ABT956 once daily)for liberalism since it a curable mental disease. Clinical trials show it to be 80% effective in moderate liberals and 70% in insane leftist weirdos.

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    • Spec,
      I grew up in a GM family. My father never bought anything else from the early 50�s until his death 8 years ago. IMO, GM started building some real $hit from the early 70�s on, and only occasionally have they had a winner since that time.

      Not to pick at nits, but are you sure about that $1000 per car figure? A typical car contains less than a ton of steel. What is the cost per ton for sheet steel?

    • Specster, do you realize the health care cost that GM faces? I do not advocate socialized medicine, however in Japan the auto makers do not have to pay for the health insurance of its employees, therefore the government gives a subsidy. It is an unfair advantage. The unions are like a cancer and will kill GM and Ford. Look at Delphi. It is the cost of labor.

    • <The Japanese and now the Koreans simply built a better mousetrap, and then made it better and better.>

      It is not a mousetrap; it is simply a better car. It is hard to beat Honda and Toyota.

      Nice to read your post.

    • You can blame unions.. they in general are a bunch of leftist dominated leaches, but remember, by and large they found a place as a result of the unmitigated greed of the private sector. The unions didn't really kill GM..GM killed itself by their shortsighted 'take the path of least resistance' policy of capitulation towards org. labor. This coupled with the chronic failure to build quality into their cars and constant misreading the in not concentrating on fuel efficiency and failure to adopt and incorporate new technologies in a timely manner. The Japanese and now the Koreans simply built a better mousetrap, and then made it better and better.

    • No Jap would have that handle... You are not a Jap, you are a liar...


    • Commerce,

      Thanks for setting Toyoto straight. GFY has been a popular insult here for as long as I can remember.

      I still love Cheney.


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