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  • keekefretter keekefretter Dec 7, 2005 12:34 AM Flag



    � "Whole atoms are parts of molecules; whole molecules are parts of cells; whole cells are parts of organisms, and so on. Each whole is simultaneously a part, a whole/part, a holon. And reality is composed, not of things nor processes nor wholes nor parts, but of whole/parts, holons."
    Ken Wilber (Quantum Theology)

    "A new perspective on whole-part relationships is taking shape around the concept of the holon - a term coined by Arthur Koestler to designate that which is simultaneously a whole in its own right and a part of a larger whole. An atom is a whole in itself. When it is also part of a molecule it becomes a holon, or a whole-part. The molecule that is also part of a cell is a holon, as is the cell that is part of an organ, and so on. This hierarchy of relationships from the atom to the organism is known as a holarchy. The concepts of holon and holarchy are fundamental to understanding the healthy function of complex living systems, which requires that each of their whole-parts maintain its own identity and boundaries even as it functions as part of the larger whole."
    David C. Korten �

    Could a new drug come out of the holon concept, or from holarchy? I heard a professor use the holons to explain ID, like putting the parts together in the right place in the right order, something bioorganic evolution couldn't accomplish fer sherr.

    I had never heard of holons before, is it quackery or is there something to it! Will it tip the ID vs. evolution debate in favor of ID ...

    Check holons! Kiki

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    • spec,
      Is it cold in Montreal. Cold for me is anything under 70 degrees.

    • Spec,
      I am not kidding.

    • Spec,

      Got this sweet 3 letter stock called ELN, maybe you've heard of it?

      Just sold KOSP, up too fast.
      Been daytrading BMD, pretty cool.
      Now gotta think about dumping GG, once again, up too fast , bought it yesterday.


    • Persh,
      The next time you go to Key West, and by chance you have a fender bender, you had better get out of your car with guns blazing.

    • Here in FL a law was passed a couple of months ago, where anyone can carry a gun in their car, so in case of road rage, one can shoot the other guy IF YOU think he is threatening. Yep, the first guy has been shot and killed. Now, what is nice about this, is that it is up to you, at the time, to determine if the other guy is threatening. England is warning all tourist about this, and too think FL depends a lot on tourist dollars. A few letters have appeared in the paper from Canada, and Europe stating that they won't ever be coming back.

    • Spec,

      Making any money these days? You seem a little tightly wound.


    • not one wittness (passenger or otherwise) other than the 2 air marshalls claim to have heard the man say anything about a bomb. strange that only the air nazi's heard it huh? saw 4 or 5 people interviewed yesterday and not one, when asked directly about a bomb, claims to have heard the man say anything about it. they all heard the man yelling he had to get off the plane, and they all heard his wife say that he had mental problems, and they all heard the 5 (FIVE) shots. but not one heard anything about a bomb. guess he only told that to the air nazi's huh??

      grow up....the gov't is out of control and you are afraid to accept that.


    • Air marshalls are confronted with a crazy man who claims to have a bomb -- he won't respond to their commands.

      So what should they do?

      Hmmmm..... I've got it -- they should listen to an equally agitated woman who claims to be his wife, and who claims he "..just didn't take his medicine today..." Why of course -- the marshalls should immediately disregard the crazy man with the bomb -- after all, why would this woman lie? There's absolutely no chance she is IN IT WITH HIM, and is just trying to distract them, is there? We know that terrorists never work in teams, do they?

      Grow up, beanie.....

    • you might want to inject yourself with a little...

      "Vitamin H"


    • Ponty had zipped an insulting post off to the ever popular Pershing. "Persh" or "The General" as he is called fondly by board regulars, cleared the air earlier with a post about the old vitamin B10. This was not well received by Ponto and his fellow traveler (at least, for the moment) Beanie.

      The General felt it was a conflict of interest to go to GOOGLE for aid since he is the proud owner of their shares; bought at bargain rates, he tells us.

      In the meantime the Bean has become exercised over a mad bomber at the Miami airport and is calling for justice. So, even a caual luker passing throuh could be confused and dismayed by such.

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