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  • webcre8tor webcre8tor Dec 7, 2005 8:09 PM Flag


    When I was young, we use to say "Why don't you paint your ballz red and say it on National TV..."

    We were extremely intelligent... It doesn't take much of anything to get on the News these days...

    I wonder when the headlines will be about a poor Mallard that has somehow gotten it's webbed feet frozen in a Northern Whogivesashit, MN pond...?

    The waiting is the hardest part...


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    • I am clairvoyvant.


      There is international demand for energy from China as well as India in the emerging Asian world. They need what is in short supply, and the strange irony of it all is their best students are better educated in the sciences. We have a world-wide market now, in spite of Ahab's thoughts.


    • geese and ducks have little to no blood flow to their feet. the feet assume the temperature of the environment. the feet never get warm, so they never heat up the ice to water. thus they cannot become frozen to it.


    • Web,

      You got it wrong, mallards never let that happen to them. It's those stupid Canadian geese that get frozen to the lake. You should see how the coyotes and eagles get them when that happens.


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      • I knew I would say something that would bring out a man of experience...

        I think Spec is Canadian...

        I liked that Movie "Fried Green Tomatoes" where Izzy, or whatever the hell her name was told the story that went something like this...

        "Well, you see that land out there...? It use to be a huge lake... One Winter a flock of Geese flew in and were sitting in the middle of it... They were squakin and dive'in for fish... The Temperature dropped, hell, it dropped well below freeze'in...

        I reckon after a while those Geese got bored, so they flew off... They took the lake with them..."

        I love that $hit man...


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