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  • aok1903 aok1903 Dec 29, 2005 9:39 PM Flag


    About twenty years ago a family in Fresno opened an exclusive breakfast deal, and what they do is cook the best OKIE, please take no offense, breakfast in the state, and now there are around twenty locations.

    Unless, one is really motivated, it is not worth the bother to do it yourself.


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    • So the thought of a porn flick got you to posting AND SHOUTING!!!

      Back off on the CAPS LOCK, and you might have a chance to be taken seriously.

    • You have to be kidding.......big bone lick....this sounds like the title of a porno film

    • Cat:

      I figured you probably had been there. You've probably also been to General Butler State Park in Carrollton, too. I love Ky.

      Unless you've been there, most folks wouldn't believe there is a town called 'Rabbit Hash' -- or 'Monkey's Eyebrow', or 'Gobbler's Knob'. But that's what makes different states so interesting. Wisconsin with all the wickee, waukee, wacky names -- Kentucky with friendly animals.

    • you still owe me an e-mail amigo.


    • Wealth,
      Also, cats were never allowed to be in the yard, as their place was the barn. If they wanted to eat, it was up to them to catch mice or birds. We only fed the baby kittens cows milk at the time of milking and also the mother cat until the kittens were weened.

    • wealth,
      No, I don't ever remember feeding the hogs ham. Maybe, scraps from the dinner table that went in with the slop, but most dinner table leftover meat was eaten by the dogs.

    • I look forward to making my own breakfast every morning 2 eggs sunnyside,bacon.grits or Jimmy Dean diced potatoes,toast etc. I need energy before my daily exercise/swim routine.

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      • There is only one place in America like Bloomie's Farm Kitchen...

        Located in rural Carroll County, KY, along the banks of the Ohio River, it is a family farm. They raise hogs and chickens, have dairy cattle, and about 20 acres of strawberries. They also grow cantaloupe, have a few apple trees. No signs, no ads, just a mailbox with name 'Bloomie's'.

        Bloomie was the family matriarch, and in the late 30's she began making breakfast for neighbors -- fresh eggs, salt-cured ham (a.k.a. 'country' ham) and/or salt-cured bacon, fresh fruits (from whatever was in season and available), and of course huge country biscuits with pork sausage gravy.

        Today, Bloomie's is still open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only, serving the locals and a few savvy travelers who know and can find it. If you are one of the 100 or so that are served per day (the line often starts to queue about 6:00 AM, even though the kitchen doesn't open till 8:00 AM), you'll understand why it is the VERY BEST BREAKFAST anywhere. All fresh, all hand prepared, no preservatives, not even pasteurized milk (no need - it's less than a day old).

        Oh yeah, the price? $18.00 per person. The menu? Whatever Bloomie's grandaughter has ready when you arrive. The portions? How much can you eat?

        If you ever get there, you'll understand. There simply is no better breakfast - no way, no how!

      • Pluto

        Watch out with that, Pluto. Pershisg would so advise as well, but that is a nice ritual. Ole Jimmie built a great sausage mousetrap.

        Dad and I used to go to his favored German butcher who made the best sausage in town for weekend breakfast.

        Do you know where you can get the best sausage now ? Chinese grocery story. Just like the old days. They put it in pot stickers. No more German butchers at least around here.


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