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  • pershing832003 pershing832003 Dec 31, 2005 10:26 AM Flag


    The Dow ended in the red. The combined NAZ, S&P and DJIA ended 5 yrs in the red. But, there was lots of money to be made overseas and in energy. The medium/small caps did well enough.

    Timing the market remains the 8th deadly sin. If you are out of the markets and it does rise you may easily miss the big gains. You must have significant money at risk at all times. To not do so will relegate you to a losing investor. In its own way a large cash postion is the riskiest position.

    Not being in the market suggests you know something others do not.

    My island adviser, from the tranquil and ever friendly SJT board says avoid pharmas, big caps, MCST and a host of other but stay the course with metals, energy, shipping, overseas.

    Again, Happy New Year to all the Buds, Persh

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    • Hello, Ponte,

      I hope you've been well and have a great 2006.

      Thanks for answering a question that no one asked about Denny's and antidiscrimination suits. I was the one who originally posed the question about Sambo's new name. I was the one who thought Sambo's might have become Denny's. Lad corrected me with details about Sambo's becoming CoCo's.

      I hope that sheds light on the first argument of the new year, a matter of little consequence. Perhaps now we can focus on more important issues, like how to make money in the market.


    • Ponty,

      I have looked at this and other links. In fact, read them. You need to say- I am wrong.

      And, make a resolution to do better in '06.

      The General

    • Ponte:

      No, it was NOT Denny's. It was Coco's. Coco's was formerly Sambo's. Denny's has always been Denny's.

      I challenge you to cite one phrase or paragraph in the URL you listed that says Denny's was previously known as Sambo's. THAT is what the question was.

      Denny's faced discrimination lawsuits - no one on this MB has said anything different -- but it had nothing to do with a previous corporate name of Sambo's.

      There you go again, shooting from the hip. You really must learn to READ the entire message thread and context -- or just read the SUBJECT LINE -- before you fire back an incorrect retort.

    • Plute:

      OK, I've looked at every page on that website, but I still don't get it. What do I care if rich, lonely people want to try a service like that?

      Like I said, not for me.

      #1, I don't have enough money.
      #2, I don't have the 'chops'.
      #3, I don't have the interest.

      I'm mystified at your 'check it out and tell me what you think' comment? Maybe you are intrigued (aren't you already married?) or Ponte (maybe that's how he GOT married?) but it's definitely not my cup of tea.

    • Plute,
      You don't go out with boys. What are you talking about? That all you write about, you and your buddies, and your buddies aren't girls. You love being out with the boys. How many times have I read about you knowing so and so and you did this with them etc. Of, course I guess you leave the juicy parts out. Tee hee. How about all of those old time get together with the boys and how you miss them. And, who said anything about me moving to Key West. I am quite sure it would be an improvement for you.

    • Cat,
      Good thinking. I have already had all of my New Year's Eve drinks. I had a Classic 12, Canadian Club with a diet coke. Wonder if Plute would approve of that drink? Heck, no, as it was something I drank and he will come up with at least 12 drinks which would be better. I bet he will have to tell us, what is appropriate for the night. Plute, get in the wind until next year.

    • Plute, if you do not mention Key West for a month I'll give you one share of ABT.

      A great place!

    • Cat, you AND Phy are both killjoys... I knew about Phy. :-))))

      Off to my son's for a big NY's bash. I will be back a little early, ie 9PM.

      Happy NY, Persh

    • Phy,unlike you I don't go out with boys. When you moving to Key west?

    • Phy,

      As is commonly stated "It's amateur night" tonight. I never go out on New Years. Don't like all the drinking, etc.


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