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  • plutothecat_17 plutothecat_17 Mar 29, 2006 9:06 PM Flag

    With All Due Respect Persh & Beany

    I go to a woman rhreumatolgist who was recommended by my IM who is terrific & cautious so why would I believe a retired doc & druggist? She has a room filled with satisfied patients checks everything even found my Vitamin D was low.Did you guys ever hear of Diclofanac? My Ortho also says:"I don't want to put you thru a TKR yet." Persh-Seems like you did not check alternatives.

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    • Kiki,
      Were you the guy who sold "Inoxcrom" pens They were from Spain & or Germany? I remember our product managers showing the different pens and asking me to do "test doodle"? with some different pens before we went with them.......the best had German ink or were the Inoxcrom pens c/ a knok off Parker ink refill? We bought thousands of them all different colors etc.
      One of the ad agencies popped out the Mount Blanc ball pen just before it came out in the states. The box had the "Koohi Noor" logo on it was that You Kiki? Also, what happened to the Parker and Cross boys we spent a gazilloion dollars with them??!!
      I met the guy that owned Cross an Irish guy if memory sreves very nice guy!
      Back to the future, even Bean has a few of your pens laying around I'll bet!


    • Bean

      I used to sell premiums to pharma companies, Made in China. My pens had German ink, an edge over the competition fer sherr. We made 40� per pen in those days, now I'm told it is more like 5�. Nobody had any idea how cheap things were made in China.

      By Jingo! Kiki

    • i dont care what they me $70-100k is not a lot of money. i dont like them because they are no-nothing face people that will "fib" to increase sales, ie $$$'s for themselves.


    • i would do a head to head study that would prove my product superior. why not let the facts speak for themself. guess its better to have 2 bigs tits, a platter of cookies, and a a few pens change the world.....sad, sad


    • OK you are the National Sales Mgr for MRK you are up against everybody and their dog.
      How are you going to market Vioxx in this enviroment?? Go a head tell me?
      Stuck? Thought so.....there is still no viable substitute for the human sales call!
      There has never been a journal or Ivory tower spokesman in our history that has done the sales job as effectively ergo REPS!

    • Bean,
      It is not aperfect deal on that we agree.
      I am not talking about a higher calling here. It is a ruthless cut throat business and Doctors control every aspect of it and you know it.
      If they did not want the attention of Big Pharma things would change on a dime.
      Ponte is right you are too innocent for your own good. Drug companies will promote their products forever of that you can be certain!
      Thank you!

    • Bean,
      You are proving my point man. You hate sales peolpe, they make a lot of money and you are pissed about it.......tuff shit!
      To say they are all liars is something you could not pass-- in the "face to face trial", ferr sure!


    • Beany- Look at Miles White and he is bow-legged.

    • I don't read porno, now behave!

    • Cialis???? No I use Vitalis.Still Hold on NFI but must wait for divy $1.40 in month and like last time it will probably cost me $7.00. We need Lib maybe he is on honeymoon.Note Ponte getting restless again hope he behaves tonite as he drove LH & Hec away with the C-word,

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