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  • luckybucks1234 luckybucks1234 Apr 3, 2006 3:05 PM Flag

    Hi Buds..Back from the Front

    Have worn out shoulder, lost cartiledge and am going to have replacement surgery in May. What's new in this type of replacement?

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    • There have been several notable advancements. One of the newest is to replace the glenoid(the socket) with a ceramic material that helps to reduces wear of this component. Prior to this, molded polyethylene (PE) was most commonly used, but was also subjected to wear between the polished metal head of the humeral component and the PE. This often meant having to undergo a revision to replace these components in typically 8-12 years under normal conditions. However, its only fair to say this issue is not near the problem that its presented that it is in the hip or the knee where weight bearing, gait, and high activity,e.g., golf, tennis, etc increases the wear factor substantially.

      Take a look at Biomet's website and you can see the products they have to give you an idea. Another one is Stryker, and you can also look at DePuy. This last one is probably listed under Johnson & Johnson family of company's. Smith & Nephew might also be another spot to look at these components.

      Hope this helps and good luck,


    • Lucky.....

      Almost forgot. Google Shoulder Replacement, might give you some deepr insight on the actual procedure and other interesting tidbits.


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