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  • abbott_lad abbott_lad Apr 5, 2006 2:48 PM Flag

    Glad im out.


    <<..I am not here in any pissing contests with Lad..>>

    Ditto, my friend.

    FWIW, it's quite likely you are, indeed, more intelligent than I. My IQ has been measured in the 140's, but I'm sure yours meets or exceeds that.

    As I have mentioned MANY TIMES, I have great respect for your substantive contributions here. What I often try to convey, and what you mostly seem to reject, is this.... so many times, you mistakenly (or intentionally) proffer your opinions as fact. Then you arrogantly and pompously defend them as irrefutable, despite overwhelming evidence that either you are wrong, or your opinions are clearly in the minority.

    Much of this is, I am sure, all in good sport, and you undoubtedly get a good chuckle from the length and the passion of the discourse. You are particularly adept at responding ever so slightly off the original subject so as to bolster your opinion (often with yet more opinions) while avoiding a direct answer to your 'opponents' assertions. I have come to understand and recognize this even more of late. Frankly, it's quite a talent, most often exhibited by our most shameless politicians.

    I enjoy having you here, even though you occasionally are completely insufferable.

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