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  • STINKER_doodle STINKER_doodle Apr 19, 2006 3:33 PM Flag

    Euphoria – Sold all my ABT!

    On Tuesday, I sold 7,500 shares of ABT stock that I have been accumulating since 1985. My instinct told me an earnings disappointment was coming and I wasn�t wrong. What did it for me was watching the stock go sideways while the rest of the market goes up and watching it go down while the rest of the market goes sideways. Since 1998 this stock has been treading water. Past history is the surest indicator of future performance. Need I say more?

    The money from my sale will be rolled into better investments. The stock market is on the brink on its next great bull run. This time, I can be a participant in the bull run instead of a spectator!

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    • I got a bad feeling that the laggard will drift down below $40.00/share before the end of the week. The P/E is kind of high for a company with no exciting news and pretty boring earnings.

      What do you think Pluto?

      I'm getting kind of crabby.

    • Thanks for welcoming me to this MB.

      I have to admit, I kept about 900 shares of the laggard just for old times sake. So I guess that still qualifies me to be one of the crabby ABT investors, even though my stake is much smaller now. So, if the blind chicken doesn�t ever find corn in my lifetime, it will be ok.

      My wife is still mad at me.

    • she must have heard about this message board

    • I wanted to thank everyone here for the good advice on how to invest the proceeds from my Abbott divestment. I will probably spread it out over 5 or 6 different diversified mutual funds.

      Perhaps I can entreat some more good advice from the denizens of this message board. My wife has been feeling out of sorts for the last few months. As she described it � kind of �antisocial and crabby.� I�ve tried helping her, but she seems unresponsive. Today, she says she talked to one of the neighbor lady�s who also feels antisocial and crabby. So I told her, that perhaps they should form a neighborhood crabby woman club � you know, kind of like the ABT crabby investor club here on this board. I thought it might be cathartic if all the crabby women could get together and commiserate with one another. Well, the wife got all upset and now she won�t talk to me. What did I do wrong?

    • Ponte,
      Yep! the von Sydow did come from Prussia back in the early 1800's, mainly from around Gross Camin, Neu Dam.

    • Ponte,
      Yes, but not many families can go back to 992.Besides I don't know how much of your family history you know. My brother says, that if he had our family history all the way back to Adam and Eve (he doesn't believe in these people), the first thing he would do is to cart it off to a garbage dump.

    • Persh,
      Glad to hear it, as the leader of this august group it would pain me to feel as though you had lost your compassion!

    • Phy,
      Who knows? But there is a more negative in the consumer area with vari.rate mort money,not to mention fuel costs at near $4/gal
      I think we are going to take a hit but it may be held off until election so the "Head in our ass brigade" can take 'good news' into the election cycle.
      But what the fuck, their kids are'nt dying and everything is a-0k!
      I really expect to see LBJ pop on the screen during thed next Rose garden speech.....
      "You know he ain't dead hes just hangin with Elvis"!

    • Well, Creeper, I don't practice anymore, but always liked to look after the riffraff. They appreciated my efforts and had some respect. The well to do are low on the favorite patient list of most doctors.

      Phy, You know you are probably right about Plute, maybe he can't google. I'm thinking the market strength through these perilous times is very bullish. Fot gold and oil to be so bukkish and the general market bullish means good things for everyone except big pharma which has been in the can for yrs now.


    • O,
      I still think that the Dow will hit 10,000 before 12,000.

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