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  • ocrepitis ocrepitis Jul 1, 2006 3:33 PM Flag

    Royal Enfield

    Admiral (Kiki),
    Did you instill the proper lubricants?


    2nd request: What is a Keekerfretter?
    Is it similar to a Ponteswona?


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    • O'Creper

      I believe it is an old Dutch dialect moniker, keeke for kip or chicken, fretter = eater, lover of etc. or from frit = French fries.

      My Mom was born a Dutch and lives again in Maastricht. I will visit her in September w/ sidetrip to Spain, Marbella, Grenada, Seville, Cadiz and what not.

      Plaudit! Kiki

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      • That is more like it, der Fritter.

        Fritter away your time or kill yourself with too many fritters. Donuts. English. Of course, all deep fried.

        That is why I called you Fritter.

        frit�ter 1 (frtr)
        tr.v. frit�tered, frit�ter�ing, frit�ters
        1. To reduce or squander little by little: frittered his inheritance away. See Synonyms at waste.
        2. To break, tear, or cut into bits; shred.


        [Probably from fritter, fragment, probably alteration of fitters, from fitter, to break into small pieces.]

        frit�ter 2 (frtr)
        A small cake made of batter, often containing fruit, vegetables, or fish, saut�ed or deep-fried.


        [Middle English friture, from Old French, from Late Latin frctra, from Latin frctus, past participle of frgere, to roast, fry.]


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