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  • tonasket75 tonasket75 Oct 24, 2008 11:12 PM Flag

    What happened to ABT over $60 crowd?

    you really are an idiot..the stock has held up very well when most stocks have taken a 20-50% haircut...what does that tell you? is on sale

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    • Calling me "idiot" does NOT address the question at hand.

      Your lack of discernment and total inability to understand written English are perplexing but not surprising. The question at hand is NOT whether ABT held relatively well its value in this RepubliCRAP/ConservaCRAP-precipitated melt-down; rather, it is whether or not ABT is over $60 as some IDIOTS like yourself and others widely prognosticated for months and months.

      I stated that such an outcome is highly improbable.

      After all, English is your first and most probably the only tongue (afetr all, Americans are notoriusly ignorant of other cultures and traditions, including their inability to learna foreign language), but for me it is one of many languages I mastered. Apparently my mastery of it is far superior to yours.

      Now, GFY and get lost.

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      • ponte!

      • why don't you just tell people that the reason you don't think it will go over 60 is because of all the abt folks with their fingers on the 60 trigger (from years of option holding) make it sound like some great wisdom you alone have.


      • Jak,
        On your proclamation of the mastery of the English language:

        <<Apparently my mastery of it is far superior to yours.

        Now, GFY and get lost.>>
        HELLO, What the heck is that? Where exactly did you learn that, your local bar?

        You are obnoxious, boring and quite frankly, you make me tired.

        AGAIN, Abbott has already hit $60 since your initial prediction. And, had you been smart, you with all you holdings could probably have made a nice profit on this stock you seem to love to hate.

        The market is taking it's toll on everything, but Abbott has hung in there. Even if it did/does go to $53 (53.33 as of this writing), so? It's still holding it's own in a very volatile environment.

        We are running short on time, but I still believe there is a chance it will go to $60 by EOY. It's all based on the economy at this point. Abbott has a lot of positive things going on, the types of things that support a rise in the stock price.

        All you are doing on this MB is digging at people to agitate them. You must thrive on hate and discontent. And you ask where the over $60 crowd is? We are better than you. Yes, idiot is a correct description of you. I pity you.

        Oh and yes you have been reported for abuse of this board.

        Buy today and reap the rewards!

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