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  • jak.stat jak.stat Jan 21, 2009 11:18 PM Flag

    Marvelous... so what???

    The damn stock has been there 10 years ago. There were innumerable Q reports of great sells/profits/earnings, yet this stock is where it has been 10 years ago.

    Self-delusionary capability of this MB is beyond limits.

    There were INNUMERABLE occasions when this DAMN LAGGARD teased the faithful investors with "THAT IS IT-WE ARE THROUGH THE RESISATNCE POINT" always to disappoint them.

    POS will end the year at $45 and there will still be some more excuses-currency/perennial "one-time charges", economic climate, political climate and factors/health-care reforms of the lack of such/shortsellers/longs/ everything but ABT itself.

    There is always a good excuse...

    A disgrace....

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    • you for ever have based ABT on this board...not sure if you are paid to do so or what..but the numbers has been a good stock in a market HAMMERED...a long time ago I suggested 50 was good entry point..before was clear now the markets are in deep sht...I dont know what your problem is...or maybe you get paid ...but bottom line is this...ABT has products that are non discretionary, and has held up...for that same reason...a year ago..I said may not light your hair on fire, but has market share on point of care testing....and should do well in long term in any market...Jak you are just full of sht...

    • I never shorted a stock, ABT or any other.

      I am a scientist, not a trader.

      ABT has had "great future" for the last 10 years and it will continue having great future but never a great "present". The reason is simple.

      If company's sales and earnings grow over the last 10 years as ABT's undisputably have, yet price share remains stagnant, the reason is that EVER FRIGGIBG Q there is a new "one time charge" of one kind or another which over the last decade amounts to BILLIONS!

      WWake up and smell tthe coffee.

      The future doesn't augur improvement from what I can discern.

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      • jak,

        You've got to accept the way ABT stock works.

        If you truly own an ABT long position and for the long term (and I believe that you do) then you need to start selling covered calls at a strike price above your cost basis. You will pocket the premium and are not likely to lose your underlying shares. You get the dividend. and the call write premium. Sell your calls on the ABT upswings.

        It's that simple for ABT holders.

        Get used to ABT or get out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • m_beebe Feb 3, 2009 9:36 PM Flag

        I just don't understand what gets people off about coming on a message board and bashing a stock that they don't even have the balls to short in some way shape or form? Are you trying to enlighten the rest of us??

        Since your 1st post on this thread the stock is up at least 13%. Please let me know what other stocks you don't like!

    • m_beebe Jan 28, 2009 10:11 PM Flag

      Well, comparatively that a hell of a return versus the averages. On top of that the stock has paid somewhere between a 1.5% and 3.0% dividend over those ten years.

      What are it's prospects going forward...I think very good. You don't...short the stock. Very simple.

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