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  • hornmaster69 hornmaster69 Feb 27, 2009 8:29 PM Flag

    Don' worry! The great Black Hope and Change is here!

    I and many of my friends voted for Obama. I have to agree with my friends, we certainly made a huge mistake. Most of us are retired middle class people who depend on our Pensions and 401K's in order to survive. Obama thinks he is solving our problems by giving us $13 a week for two years. What a goof ball. So much for working all your life so some idiot can give it away. I can not find one person in my neighborhood who will vote for him in 2012 or a democrat in the next election. And this is an all democrat middle class neighborhood. These people are not happy campers and ready to take some heads. I hope things remain civil. And they do not hate America, they are just very disappointed.

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    • I feel for you, we're all in this together. We will get through this and come out stronger in the end. Yes, it will be rough, and it's hard to see things getting better but trust me, you're mad at the wrong guy.

      Obama isn't the idiot who squandered Clinton's surplus and doubled our national debt. He's on our side.

      But it will take time and money to repair the damage that has been done. I know nobody wants to spend good money after bad, but we need to get our economy growing again.

      And you can't do that without a little pump-priming, a little investment in our future. We have a $14 trillion economy that (normally) grows at 3% a year. Problem is, right now it isn't growing. It's shrinking.

      If we do nothing, we could end up with a $10 trillion or a $5 trillion economy, and we all would be forced to fight over scraps from a shrinking pie.

      Which would you rather have: a share of a growing, $20 trillion economy, or a shrinking, $8 trillion economy?

      Investing $800 billion now to get that massive economy moving in the right direction again is a wise investment.

      Yes, the amount seems large, but not in the grand scheme of things when considered as a down payment on future growth. It will eventually pay for itself.

      Give it a chance to work.

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      • we have had years of reckless government overspending, and now you think that more government spending on contruction projects is going to save the economy? maybe in MI and OH, where contruction jobs are still seen as the beacon of hope apparantly

        now price controls on pharmacueticals?? I guess Obama thinks pharma innovation jobs are dead end careers, but if you get layed off you can go help build a bridge in Detroit

        God help us all

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