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  • kteerga kteerga Mar 6, 2009 4:13 PM Flag

    Looks like the landslide is over

    Was beginning to wonder if the $1-$3 loss for several days in a row would end but it is beginning to look like it's about that time for ABT to rebound to 50, as I suggested in my other posts. ABT has been holding for the past couple of days and if acts as it has in the past, we are heading for a huge upturn again.

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    • BTW-

      My opinions that you claim have been "thoroughly disproven" are only OPINIONS and EXACTLY that. How is it that you can "thoroughly" prove or disprove an opinion that is clearly subjective and doesn't claim to be factual. The ONLY way an opinion can be proven or disproven is IF the opinion is presented as a fact, and that is NOT what I've done on this message board. I think ABT will go to 50 and THAT is my opinion!!!!

      You are no scientist my friend. You are a bullshi--er!! Real scientists understand the difference between reality and illusion.

    • Wow, it appears that you are most definitely a weakling. I can see that the truth hurts with you; the more I pin-point your obvious issues, the more harsh you become. HEE HEE. If you think your bullying is going to threaten me, you are dead wrong. Interestingly, you attempt to convince me that I don't write correctly in my own native language when you don't even know where I am from. Now THAT's ignorant. I am a member of MENSA.... I doubt you are, if you even know what that is. We can go back and forth all day long; I can see straight through you and you know it.... that is the reason your posts become more and more uncontrolled. Typical of a weak control freak!!
      BTW, take a very close look at your own posts; you are the very one who can't write or even THINK properly.

    • Your opinions have been proven thoroughly discredited. You cannot even write correctly in your native language much less putting together a simple declarative sentence.

      Sadly, you are very ignorant.

      As for ABT, I have prov3en to be right EVERY SINGLE TIME and you have shown to be WRONG on every occasion.

      I told you before where to go and what to do! Now, DO IT!

    • Jakstat,

      Your posts consistently strengthen my argument that you are an deeply insecure, repulsive and crass. I also think you are as dumb as a rock. It's sad that you can't speak simply to get your point across; instead, you come to this board and speak to others condescendingly, and if someone happens to disagree with you regarding ABT, you angrily refer to them as stupid. In my opinion, you are a very lonely, pathetic and misleading individual.

    • <<Any facts on ABT you want to share?>>

      Facts stare you in your face so were you an individual with a modicum of intelligence, you would discern them from the fiction you prefer and once and for all, STFU.

      Alas, you are dumb and live in your "ABT @ $ 70 EOY".

      You are a very stupid individual, indeed.


    • WHAT facts? Your posts revolve mostly around your opinions and untruths (about yourself). Am I supposed to moved or bothered by insults coming from YOU?! It is obviously your opinion that ABT isn't an aggressive growth stock. I get it. But what bothers me mostly about your posts are a). your angry insults and b.)your obvious need to control others by using such distorted and mind boggling wording in your posts. You are desperate to make us believe that you are the astute of the educated and I'm not falling for it. Any dummy can pull out a dictionary and arrange wording to make an impression; including substance within that is a completely different ballgame and something you fail to do. Admittedly your posts are entertaining/comical but that's no compliment to you.
      Any facts on ABT you want to share?

    • <<BTW, everything you have posted has been very subjective and not necessarily factual.>>

      Well, the facts give support to EVERYTHING I ever posted and show CLEARLY that you are FOS.


    • Jakstat:

      Nice try Jakstat but I can still see straight through you. You're a phony, period. If you think I can't pierce right through your smoke and mirrors AND mostly your insecurity as an individual, think again. It's pathetic that you think you must come to the board and write a huge pile of hogwash, using words that immediately distract a reader and pull them into another direction. So in view of this, I must ask you if you are trying to make some sort of impression with your unusual choice of words, or if you are sincerely attempting to offer an honest evaluation of ABT. In reading your posts, I have concluded that you use this board to bully people, and of course, to portray yourself as some sort of intellect, while simultaneously attempting to mind boggle them. If you want your opinions about ABT to matter.... to be substantial and well received by others, I would suggest that you steer away from such an unusual form of writing and focus more on stating something factual and to the point. BTW, everything you have posted has been very subjective and not necessarily factual.

    • If you want to agree or disagree with someone's opinion, great. Personally I have traded this stock in and out when it looks ripe. It is difficult to understand someone's inaction when they are so sure of what they are saying. If someone thinks Abbott stock is over priced at a level and it will fall to a very low level, why wouldn't you sell. Let's see, 55,000 shares times 12 (57 -45) that leaves a lot of money on the table, about $700m. That should cover a lot of tax consequences and still put money in the pocket....

      Everyone has a right to an opinion. You don't have to come across in attack mode to try and make a point. My opinion is this guy comes across as very strange and a clown.

      Good luck with your investments. Hopefully you might to consider another opinion with your investments. Jak wouldn't do it for me.

    • I have to agree with Jak.

      He has actually projected the downward spiral of stock price when we were projecting a level above $60 bucks a share.

      I've should taken your advice. I have revised my own projection for ABT from $60. I will revise that number to $55

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