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  • maxschmit777 maxschmit777 Apr 1, 2009 10:08 AM Flag


    Every time ABT is on its way back to 50, it gets clobbered. The stock gets raves from analysts and is considered less likely to be hurt by Obama's policies than other big pharmas, and yet the pattern persists. Why? And when this stock get the support it deserves?

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    • It would not surprise me if this PIG of a stock went all the way to lower $30s.

      When you read so much hype from ABT "management" stay away....

      there used to be on this MB a guy with a moniker "MTGBIR" -or "Miles-to-go-before-I reap"

      That was LONG time (some 6 years ago) before this once illustrious MB degenerated into a forum of IDIOTS, Greek Chorus of the mutual adulatory excess.

      MTG knew what he was talking about but you jackasses don't!

    • The price a stock deserves is the price of the last trade. Just because you own it doesn't mean it will go up.

    • I will answer your inquiry as cogently as a human being can.

      ABT is still overpriced.

      No investor has taste to aquire stocks at P/E ratios of ABT given the current economic climate.

      There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT PIG STOCK EXCEPT it is still overpriced.

      The reason it is overpriced have to do with the disgraceful practice of continuous "one-time charge" that ABT management engaged in for as long as Miles has been at the helm..

      Th IDIOTS of this MB cannot comprehend it.

      I hope you are not one of them.

      • 2 Replies to jak.stat
      • Jakstat or whatever,how about P___E.
        All stocks are probably overpriced do to that organism that headed the country for the last 8 years. He took us to the edge of the event horizon. The bicycle story was O.K. but nothing great. Now, say something good about ABT.

      • Jak,
        Count me out as one of the "idiots" on this board.

        Most everyone on this board likely has some retail holding of, or "position in" ABT. That is well and good. Beyond this though ABT requires special handling. In other words, over the last 6 weeks where the market indices have been attempting to trend HIGHER, one can easily correlate how the "market" handles ABT specially. Don't fight the tape.

    • I have been telling jackasses on this MB that this glorified POS of a stock will go nowhere.

      Now, you are discovering that I was correct all time long???

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