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  • jak.stat jak.stat Apr 3, 2009 8:56 PM Flag

    New 52 week close?

    <<The stronger the market gets today the harder and further they beat this red headed stepchild. And its getting beat harder than it's peers in the sector. >>

    and it deserves it!

    Miles needs to go before any of us can reap!

    The damn thing "grows" at 12-14%/year and it's where it has been 12 years ago.

    Ask yourself why.

    I was trying to enlighten those that are willing to use their brains but it appears that there are no such individuals on this MB.

    "One-time charge mantra, smoke and mirrors, crap from all sources about what a great stock it is!

    Great stock my ass!

    That's a fact, JAK!

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    • by the way what are your credentials, i am new to this board and am thinking of picking up abbot here at the low price of 43 etc.., thankyou d

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      • Private,

        MY name is Jak.stat, not jac and the company's name is ABBOTT, not Abbot.

        As to the essence of your question: I see ABT still very overpriced given the fact that a) investors have no appetite for companies trading at P/E of 14+
        b) there are many unknowns with respect to the immediate and mid-term prospects of the health care companies c) ABT is pumped by characters on public media which in my eyes are completely and totally discredited d) the history of ABT with Miles White at the helm is a disappointment because of the continuous succession of "one-time quaterly charges" which all add up to de facto no growth.

        As for my credentials, I am a scientist. Never worked for ABT, have held considerable position in ABT for more than two dsecades and a) will not sell at current prices b) will sell if political situation gets clarified and ABT goes to %% which may be years from now.

        All together, poor prospects for ABT.

    • yes, i would like to use my brains, should i buy this stock since it is at a new low of 43, please respond seriously, thankyou,,,,my goal to is to buy at 43-44 and sell at end of month believing this could go up to 50 again, like celg did was low a few days ago and then climbed up a few .. i dont want to miss another pharma stock that has hit a new low etc..

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