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  • fermata746 fermata746 May 24, 2010 9:32 AM Flag

    Hate to say it

    ahscarb asked: "Did I misunderstand your post?"

    Yes, you did, and you wouldn't ever get it right, so long as you remain as a believer or victim of the fascist propaganda: "Repeat a lie hundred times, and it becomes Truth!"

    In this case, the lie is "ABT(and any other publicly traded company) has a responsibility to their shareholders, first and foremost. "

    Where did you get that idea except from internet propagandists?? Again, tell us at what school in which country you learned the principle: "You create jobs where the sales and growth is!"

    You know the fact that "shareholders" may disown their share(s) of "ABT(and any other publicly traded company) " in a matter of seconds. Even Warren Buffet, the most successful stock trader in the US, has never demanded to put his interest before anyone or anything else. It is the well-run companies with pools of talented EMPLOYEES that made Buffet rich, not the other way around.

    If you truly believe that "money makes money" (rather than people makes you money), put your money under your mattress or in your safe to see if it grows, or invest your money in a pack of monkeys to see what the wild animals can do for you.

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