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  • jak.stat jak.stat Jan 27, 2011 12:17 PM Flag

    Wall Street is telling the BoD: REMOVE MILES WHITE. ASAP.


    You have been quite histerical last few days.

    You should STFU. You are totally, completely discredited on this MB. You post nonsense for years and pump this POS of a stock at the same time proclaiming your "millionaire" status.

    A total, absolote disgrace!

    Remember what I told you a year ago.
    Problem is, you're too limited to learn.

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    • You know Jakstat, you are, imo, a dumb individual. I think my reason is supported by your own actions. You tell me that I am discredited on this board; however, your only gauge is that I like ABT. My return to the board is consistent with my liking for the stock. YOU, on the other hand, are STILL here. As I said last year, people who genuinely dislike a stock or do not believe in it, DO NOT arrive to boards to post. It is that simple. And you continue to criticize ME? Please. I think you are absolutely moronic.

    • Yes, Jakstat, I do recall our correspondence with one another, You attempted to throw around your Latin terms to intimidate me. Oh yes, I remember your nonsensical blabber. ABT rose to 57 months after that, and it will go it again. I am sorry you have issues with ABT, but I think I deserve much more credit than someone who reappears to a board for a stock of which they OBVIOUSLY disapprove. If you recall, I asked you THEN why you are here. YOU, my friend, are the one who deserves NO respect. Your own actions substantiate my opinion of you, clearly.

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