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  • jak.stat jak.stat Feb 13, 2011 7:59 PM Flag

    JNJ vs. ABT

    JNJ is 5% up over the last 2 years. This POS is almost 20% down for the same time period.

    Yet there are insane people here doing the same idiotic thing they say they were doing as long as I remember: adding ABT to tehir positions at EACH DECLINE OF THIS POS OF A STOCK.

    Now, this truly epithomizes insanity!

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    • Isn't the point to buy low?

      Your post is moronic.

      • 2 Replies to froy99_99
      • The MORONIC post is YOURS.

        The point is to buy low IF 1) you know what low is; you obviously don't.
        2) you know that there is some reasonable expectation for stock appreciation; in case of ABT there is no such expectation.

        Now, GFY.

      • you have COMPLETELY missed the point.


        -- AVOID stocks trending DOWN
        -- AVOID stocks making new lows
        -- AVOID sectors trending DOWN
        -- Cut losers fast (capital management)
        -- BUY stocks trending UP
        -- BUY stocks breaking out to new highs on increased volume
        -- Let winners run (set trailing stop loss to lock in gains)

        Last, but not the least,

        -- NEVER fall in love with a stock

    • jak, people are creatures of habit. They tend to follow the same patterns over and over. Unfortunately, that attitude will make you no money or worse, lose your money.

      Nicholas Darvas, a famous investor of the 1950s fist realized that if he bought or averaged down on stocks or sectors trending down, he would end up losing money in almost every case. It made no difference if the company/sector was a good value. If it was trending down, he avoided it entirely.

      But he observed that if he bought stocks trending up or even breaking to new highs, that he would make money. And make money he did. In 18 months, he made over $2 million dollars!! No computers, no financial TV, no online brokers, and he did it all on cable grams from around the world.

      Until people break their old way of thinking, they will continue to leave their fate to the market. I will not do that. Been there DONE that!! I am now fully in control of my own investments and trading decisions. And for the first time since I retired from the military last year, I have made more trading than I have made in my retirement pension. My personal goal is to make $100K/yr trading income by 2013.

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