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  • billgates181 billgates181 May 9, 2013 11:32 AM Flag

    How many remembr when Cramerr

    said to sell ABBV and put it all into ABT. You would be hurting if you listen
    to that advvice. I actually held both after the split up.

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    • Hurting is a rather strong word and making the swap from ABBE to ABT depends on one's overall portfolio. I originally bought ABT because of the consumer products side, hoping that the drug part would go up and then swap into the new ABT. I checked back on my trades from Jan 2, 2013 and was able to catch ABBE up and ABT down and based on trading that day I am up 23%. If I held the ABBE I would be up 30.5% on the ABBE. However, I am not a fan of old line Pharma companies. One of the reasons that ABBE is up is due to the reach for yield. Instead I own CELG and REGN, whose values have gone through the roof due to their tremendous pipeline and wall street's new desire to invest in Bio-tech.

      As an investor not a trader. I look at the ABT's, KMB's, CL's, etc. as great long term investments. Especially since commodity priecs have come down. Since 1900 there have been 4 secular bull markets in commodities and during each stocks went nowhere. They encompassed about 60% of the time. The 3 secular stock bull markets occurred when commodity prices are down and it appears that the 14-15 year run in commodities may be over. An example of what happens to these consumer stocks is #$%$ traded for under $1 (adjusted for Splits) in the early 1980's, just before the onset of the the last great secular stock bull market, and is now just over $120.

    • I watch Cramer and he is a momentum buyer. Did you ever here him recommend a stock near it's low? I haven't. If it's breaking a new high he say's Buy, buy, buy! I usually do the opposite of what he recommends. I'm doing great.

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