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  • surenotsure surenotsure Feb 13, 1998 10:01 PM Flag

    stock splits-buy???

    last year I bot PG after they announced the split. Reason at the time was very simple. not enough cash to buy 100 shares. I wanted to own it. So I bot 50 shares and after the split I had my 100.

    A very interesting thing happen. After the stock went WI there was a 2 to 3 dollar difference between the going price of the old shares and the WI shares. At one time the WI was at 79 while the regular shares I bot were at 154. This difference was there until the WI became the regular shares. I had other stocks who didn't do this. interesting

    when to buy not sure, I am facing this right now on another stock I want to own and it's spliting and I am short on cash.

    I do own ABT and other pharma's and they went down today. ABT was up. Thanks ABT for Spliting. nice div raise. I need more cash.

    I like some of the comments on the history of ABT's split action.
    Sure will watch this when the WI comes to market. I also have another stock spliting MSFT. Good luck to all investers. Happy DIV's and GAINS.

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