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  • surenotsure surenotsure Apr 29, 1998 12:28 PM Flag

    65 I doubt it.

    True this correction could cause it to go down to 65. 65 is the next tech support level but the 70-72 is holding just find.
    I still say post split will be $40-$45. Drugs have been out of favor for a little while now. The sooner it's over the better
    l'll like it. May 29 is a long way off for now. Just remember there's a lot of new money flowing in every month. Funds must buy
    something and ABT will surely be part of it. Don't let the BEARS scare you that's their job. The BULL is in tact. This correction is
    good for the market and it may not be over yet. I am still 100% invested. Good luck to all BULLS and even you BEARS.

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    • abt went on a run too fast. quality company that went ahead of itself.
      biaxin is doing very well.
      abt has developed a drug that will be better than norvir
      drug for bph is doing better than expected
      hitrin is becoming a big drug in latin america. bph was rarely treated in latin america, however growth continues.
      pediatric product have an enormous potential in asia. similac is similiar to breast milk. abt has made roads in india 1,000,000,00 people.
      palivizumab should be approved in 6 months.
      i could go on, but i don`t want to bore anyone
      biggest concern with abt is the strong dollar. its not the the products. 40% of sales come overseas.
      65 is possible, unlikely but possible.
      if abt hits 65, i will load up on this. 65 is a steal.
      the pain killer drug is in phase 1. if things work well, abt could have the greatest drug of all. years down the road, but i can wait. i owned abt since early 1980`s, excellent company for the long term.
      good luck to all.

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      • KAZ,

        You had too much Viagra in your coffee.. PFE is creaming Biaxin (look at the IMS data share down from 49.5% to 39.5% year to year).
        BPH is doing ok until a generic company thinks they can make more than $25MM a year (see Ivax).
        Abbott sales in India are ridiculous (I bet less than $10MM or 1.2 cent per person!!!!!!). Breast milk is better than any infant formula (WHO guidelines)
        40% of sales overseas..that is low (should be over 50%).
        Phase 1 drug is not going to be on the market before 3+ years.

        I agree at $65 ABT is a buy.

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