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  • Kaz_Modawn Kaz_Modawn Jun 2, 1998 8:14 AM Flag

    impotence drug is closer then you think,213,0~3~2~Medical-Drugs~ABT~BLO~52152963

    also the insider selling is meaningless. there are
    many insiders who didn`t sell. i would panic if many
    sold, but they did not.
    the frog drug is bigger than
    many think. i remember on cnbc stating this could be
    the biggest drug since penicillin. can you imagine
    having open heart surguery where no anstesia is used!!!
    the applications are limitless.
    when rats were
    giving ths pain drug, they showed no pain. the skulls
    were cracked with vices, yet the rats had no pain.

    yes, this drug is in its early stages but i rather own
    a stock a year early rather then a year
    abbott has very postitive news on their cancer drug,
    another big plus.
    and finally abt rather buy its stock
    back then look for other investments.
    i am in for
    the long haul and very please with the performance.

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    • hi sorry for the off topic post here but I think
      if you do
      your due dilegence and research on
      this company (AWEB) you will
      be more than happy
      with their future results. they do online

      auctions, internet commerce, retail sales and will have a
      4th web
      site up and running in june. they are
      totally undiscovered and I
      think they will be a good
      long term investment to come since the internet is
      exploding. Corp. (OTC: AWEB - news) today
      announced the
      launching of its newest etailing Internet
      site . The site lists
      over 45,000 computer
      products from more than 700 manufacturers
      Intel (INTC), Microsoft (MSFT), Compaq, (CPQ), IBM

      (IBM), Hewlett Packard (HP) and hundreds more. A
      campaign for the site will be implemented over
      the next several weeks.

      Robert Aubel,
      President & CEO stated: ``We now own and operate
      Internet sites including our 24-hour on line auction
      site, which continues to expand. We will
      be adding
      sports memorabilia to our growing list
      of auctioned items and
      will continue to increase
      the number of vendors as demand grows.
      flagship site is providing businesses
      Internet solutions. We now offer Web hosting to
      our clients with
      professional graphics design,
      data base management and site
      development. With
      the addition of, our customers

      are afforded a quick and easy way to purchase
      thousands of
      products on line at fixed discount prices
      without the wait. Our
      software provides
      state-of-the-art security, competitive pricing
      and service,
      and reliability. We're anxious to start our

      marketing efforts and grow this site to the forefront of
      retailer lists. We are anticipating our fourth
      Internet commerce
      site,, to be
      operational within a few weeks.
      This may be the first
      World Wide Web site dedicated solely to
      We will be offering hundreds of new and
      monitors at wholesale prices.''

      Company, which was formed in April 1997, spent seven
      designing proprietary, fully scalable systems
      architecture for
      the Internet shopping marketplace. specializes
      in the marketing and distribution
      of a broad range of products
      and services at
      wholesale prices to both consumer and trade
      through its Internet-related businesses.

      To visit Corp.:

      To receive an investor packet go to and link to the company's investor page.

      There, you can
      simply fill out and submit a form
      request on line.


      Mark E.
      Merhab, Chairman


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      ALLNET Services Com
      Corp (OTC BB:AWEB - news)
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      computers, internet, retail

    • I just bought Abbott after the split for 36, so
      am I a fool or wiseman?-if history repeats itself,
      it will eventually climb again to presplit prices in
      a year or two, especially with their new drug
      trials. Compared with other companies like mrk, pfe, lly,
      abt puts a lot of R&D money into antibiotic research.
      Look at how huge of a market share they cornered when
      Biaxin and Zmax hit a few years ago; people are
      panicking with the antibiotic resistance emerging, and I
      think abt is ahead of others on this front. So, with
      all the hoopla about Viagra, what's the scoop on
      abt's new impotence drug? Anyone know about the news of
      pfe's viagra getting approval for use in Europe? Will
      abt drug beat it?

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