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  • scrampy_98 scrampy_98 Nov 20, 1998 12:01 PM Flag

    Drip 2

    How can I buy shares directly from Abbott on a monthly basis without having to pay any commission. Please advise.

    • Jigg :

      From what I had heard, Tap is
      working with some smaller company on the Viagra type
      drug.There was some article that I had posted the keypoints
      about. This drug in not new.It is a drug that was used
      to induce vomitting. One of the side effects was
      erections in males.The drug appears to be promising.Your
      correct, it is different than Viagra it does something to
      the brain or nervous system not the circulatory
      system like Viagra.You don`t need Viagra.
      If I recall
      correctly, it reacts much quicker than Viagra and only last
      for about an hour. I had heard this can be somewhat
      of a problem with Viagra. The other big drug is the
      frog drug. I had also posted info.on this one.In my
      these 2 drugs along with the cancer pain killer is
      going to be very, very profitable for the company and
      it`s shareholders.I am not sure about the

    • TAP Holdings Inc., a joint venture of Abbott
      and Takeda Chemical Industries Ltd. of Japan,
      is developing apomorphine, which acts directly on
      the brain to create erections. I read on another post
      that is is expected to
      be approved in year 2000.
      Does anyone have a status report on
      development? Could/would it be used with viagra?
      Where is
      it being tested?
      What other products does TAP
      have in its pipeline?

    • Hard to tell without a profile, But is that you Mike?

    • If your going to invest in Abbott, do so as a
      rolling and long term stock. Abbott rolls 1-3 points
      almost weekly/daily. Buy the options at 6 months
      ($8-9,000 investment) or buy 1000 shares at the market
      ($48,000)investment and let your money work for you, not you work for
      your money!

      Abbott is great long-term 15% per
      year. Why not make 15% per month??

    • I've made over double in WGLS, you may want to research it, I feel in a year it will be worth alot.

    • Kingston, I have my investments divided into
      retirement money (I'm 25) and play money. The retirement is
      buy-and-hold in funds. The play money is traded aggressively.
      If a stock I am trading goes up 50% or more in one
      day, I usually put a stop loss down 15% from the
      close. That way I don't have to worry about hitting the
      snooze on the alarm the next morning or my ISP not
      letting me on line. When the stock takes its predictable
      tumble, my stop loss kicks in. If it ends up down a bunch
      (25%) I can buy back before the closing bell and catch
      the next day's run. This seems kind of obvious, but
      it works.
      This is necessary when you're dealing
      with two-dollar stocks which I usually do. Just got
      out of XOMA with a 50% gain at 3 9/16.

      wonder, if you're a buy-and-hold investor, what you're
      worried about. If you think you need to protect profits
      you might be in the wrong stock. ABT seems to have
      been around forever and always recovered from
      anything. If you NEED to protect your profits short-term
      you shouldn't have that money in the stock market. I
      honestly don't know a whole lot about ABT. Is it like MRK
      where you buy 1,000 shares and forget about them until
      you pick up the paper three years from now and find
      out you doubled your money? How boring.
      Well, I'm
      out of my element here....I'm going to go see if I
      can short AMXN! Good luck Abbotteers! Ciao.

    • talk about a comment off the wall...

      a question about stop loss automatically trigger an
      anti-trading response? I gotta get out more, that's all there
      is to it... someone besides a trader asking stop
      loss questions!...

      what's next? Clinton
      actually telling the truth and someone really BELIEVING
      him?? naw... never happen...

      I am NOT a
      trader... never have, never could... have neither the
      mentality nor stomach for it.

      my question was simple
      and straightforward:
      does anyone have a comment re
      how/where/when they use stop loss orders? puts? or?

      louise... best and thanks for all input. K.

    • kaky makes a good point but everyone has to pick a point at which to sell unless they plan to will the stock.

    • ask peter lynch, ben grahmm and warren buffet
      about stop losses. or watch george soros, the famous
      trader who lost 90% this year on trading.

      line, don`t believe these chat rooms and mesage boards
      about traders, they often lie. read posts in january
      this year on this board, no one thought abt would hit
      45. if you traded abt you would have lost money by
      not reaping benifits. go ahead and trade, longterm
      holders have proven to be winners.

      ps, its easy to
      think you can trade when you see a past chart, future
      prediction much harder than past.

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