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  • not_prudent not_prudent Nov 4, 1999 11:06 AM Flag

    The real story

    Is this an explanation for a $100 million fine?? If it is, and your an example of what ABT has for an employee I'm surprised it wasn't a $billion.

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    • I agree with you. As I recall the pharm industry
      fought tooth and nail to resist changes proposed by DC
      politicians. Yet only ABT gets punished? What a bunch of crap!
      And the tie in with affermative action? I guess if
      you have one neuron left in your brain you can only
      make that connection.

      • 2 Replies to onlyonpaper
      • Onlyonpaper: Stop looking for excuses for Abbott.
        Abbott was fined because their managementsubstantially
        ignored the concerns of FDA regarding QA over a period of
        years. It's similar to a motorist ignoring the payemt of
        a traffic ticket, hoping they will not be bothered
        anymore. What further disturbs me is that Miles White, who
        was rewarded with the position of CEO, was involved
        to a large extent in the QA area. What we need is a
        new management team, not excuses.

      • singled out to be "punished." Think about it -
        $100 MILLION and the company AGREES to it. This is not
        chump change and no matter how foolish we all might
        feel the feds are or might be, fines this size are
        only for the most serious of violations. Finally what
        does it tell you about how the company is run - that
        they agree to pay without so much as a protest. Sounds
        like they got caught red handed to me.
        This issue
        has nothing whatsoever with political correctness or
        the Clintons or anything else that is other than
        plain gross mismanagement.


    • I'd be glad to expand my point to address your
      particular interest (the $100m fine), but why the

      The fine was no more and no less than lack of
      attention by managment in the particular plant in Lake
      County that was targeted. When corporate officers
      capitulate to the forces of poltical correctness, they lose
      focus. Naturally, there are other contributing factors.
      But my point is that before those other factors are
      addressed, the corporate culture needs an overhaul.

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