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  • dtexas dtexas Nov 8, 1999 12:27 PM Flag

    The real story

    I guess I would characterize it as a working
    relationship. Any time you interface with a governing agency
    you encounter problems. I just believe the company I
    work for embraces the environment in which we chose to
    do business. Miles White attitude was that the FDA
    was not as smart as he therefore he could prevail.

    I hope when the 483's come out as well as other
    public information we can get to the bottom line on what
    really irked the FDA. But I think it still ties to the
    commitments abbott made over the past few years, that abbott
    did not meet. It is very simple, you tell someone you
    will do something and by when, when you fail to do it
    at all or miss the deadline by a large margin you
    get what you deserve.

    Abbott internal polices
    as a corporation are not harmonized. That is one of
    their biggest problems. Plus I believe most of this
    ties with either improper or incomplete paperwork. And
    systemic weaknesses in their policy and procedures. The
    story will come out.

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