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  • aeskylos aeskylos Jan 10, 2000 6:20 AM Flag


    Asmodius. I am neither giving you propaganda nor
    am I partisan to socialised medicine. I repeat. Go
    to Canada, as I do every week to shop, and ask the
    average Canadian if he wants to swap his health care for
    the american system.
    You take a position then fit
    in the facts. Try gathering some facts and then
    coming to a conclusion.
    My contention is that this
    system is probably coming and ABT will have to fit into
    it and even try make it an advantage.

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    • <<<JNJ is what I have been saying all
      along. Perfect fit both on the pharmaceuticaland the
      dianositic end...or let me say what is left of the diagnosic
      business. I own a lot of stock and have hung in there. This
      week should be interesting...could be good or bad.
      Buckle up.>>>

      Ecdan00, I came back to
      your 1/13 post. I've been buckled up but I haven't
      seen or heard anything yet. I'm ready for ANYTHING to
      happen that will get ABT stock price out of the toilet!
      Anything of promis up?


    • What can an individual shareholder do -- how do I influence the BOD? I'll vote for a totally new management group -- where is the polls?

    • What is SLC? You say you did not work for SLC at ABT and you say nice things about the folks in SLC. What is it?

    • I own both stocks also. Agree benefits of a
      merger are questionable. My point is not to put too much
      stock in the protestations of ABT as similar denials
      issued forth from Pfe's CEO when he was asked about
      merger possibilities.
      Within days, Mr Steere made his
      hostile bid for Warner Lambert.

    • As a holder of both JNJ and ABT (more JNJ thank goodness), I feel JNJ needs ABT (with all its problems) like a hole in the head

    • Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that exactly what Wm Steele said just before he launched his no-holds-barred effort to get WLA for Pfizer

    • Forget JNJ - it's CEO, Ralph Larsen made it clear
      that JNJ does not have to merge for growth (its
      internal growth rate is superb - better than ABT's with a
      much more "state of the art" pharmaceutical division
      in R&D processes). However, he is interested in
      select biotech businesses for JNJ's pharma division
      going forward though. And ABT is certainly not a
      biotech firm.

      And Ross...if it couldn't be sold
      outright, it could be spun-off. ABT's neighbor Baxter has
      been good at that with their "non-strategic" business
      units. But it may not serve a larger interest to do
      this. While consumer pharma margins are well below the
      commercial pharma product lines, they are at par or above
      those in the hospital products or (especially)
      diagnostics product lines. And considering consumer pharma
      product's cash generation ability as well, from a treasury
      management perspective, it wouldn't necessarily be of
      benefit to do anything with Ross within the current
      business structure of ABT.

    • It has been speculated that previous management had falling out with Takeda as evident by Takeda taking its promising diabetes drug to LLY and not to TAP. Hope present management has mended fences.

    • i'm interested in all the talk of selling the
      ross division. i always thought that the ross division
      was the cash cow of abbott. if they are not, who
      would be interested in buying a lame-duck business
      unit? also, where did all this jnj merger talk begin?
      i'd like to know if there is a sniff of a chance of
      that or any other merger with the state of abbott?

    • Thanks for your interesting comments.

      believe No. 1 is a real possibility if Miles White comes
      under enough pressure. The Business Week feature
      mentioned that some analysts think the Ross Division needs
      to go as a move to get ABT back to its core
      business. Nos. 2, 3, and 4 are practical ideas; we can
      always hope that within top management there are some
      cool heads presenting workable plans like

      The TAP joint venture appears to be one of ABT's more
      successful endeavors, and ABT's relationship with Takeda is
      one of long standing. I'm wondering what the chances
      are that Takeda, a huge company itself, may be
      looking at something more than just a partnership with

      I would hope some consolidation has
      already begun. This company has a lot of cleanup and
      belt-tightening to do.

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