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  • sellhi_2000 sellhi_2000 Feb 24, 2000 9:01 PM Flag

    thought for the day

    Working backwards, I have no take on the latest
    letter. Abbott's shouldered so many hits lately, I've
    quit trying to predict stock movement based on any
    single event. As a long, I shouldn't ever be doing this
    anyway, but it's human nature to seek answers when
    unlikely events come to pass, especially ones excessively
    detrimental to the pocketbook.

    I harp on politics
    because I'm on the long train with Abbott, and I truely
    believe the best thing for the company (besides internal
    initiatives) is a Gore defeat in November.

    Now, as you
    say, time for the fun stuff.

    1)My eschatology
    is quite proper. No one knows the hour of His
    coming. God knows a joke when He hears one. Apparently,
    you don't.

    2)I know as well as you do Keyes is
    out of it. I'm still waiting to hear why you'd
    nevertheless like to see him president. (I remind you again,
    you did say that.)Your posture, consistent with most
    Libertarians, suggests an anti-religious bent. A stab here, a
    stab there, that kind of thing. ...Oh yeah, I forgot!
    As long as you think Keyes is best for your

    3)Good point on the remaining primaries.
    If Bush wins the nomination, no doubt the media
    byline reads: 'The Republican party, captured by
    conservatives unwilling to tolerate inclusion, faces uphill
    battle against Gore.'
    To that Bush should respond
    forcefully; 'If you want the kind of regulation and
    government meddling McCain wants, DON"T vote for me.' Reagan
    won because he wasn't afraid to go on offense. Bush's
    "compassionate conservatism" and poke at Robert Bork's
    "Slouching Towards Gomorrah", were two steps in the wrong

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