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  • tolly56 tolly56 Mar 8, 2000 7:34 PM Flag

    meeting with miles

    i'll be attending a meeting with eveyones favorite, mw. does anyone have intelligent questions that they would like me to ask him?

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    • Thanks for the offer. I have four for

      1. How has the torpedoed ALZA takeover affected his
      R&D strategy and plans for its future prototype -
      does he plan to incrementally modify the prototype
      that his predecessor had in place in the
      Pharmaceutical Division? (I liked the Barron's article and his
      emphasis on compounds that will evolve into drugs with a
      $300M-$500M revenue stream - avoiding the corresponding risks
      in pursuing "blockbusters".)

      2. Can he please
      direct the CFO Coughlin to start reporting business
      segment return on capital? In the crazy market we are now
      in where nothing "fundamental" seems to be of
      temporal value, this may not necessarily generate a
      negative response - in fact, it would probably be seen as
      a favorable gesture in contrast to the
      condescending posture of his predecessor.

      3) Can he
      specifically address his return on capital philosophy as it
      relates to his deployment/investment strategy in his
      Shareholder Letter - again, hopefully without the topical &
      condescending tone of his predecessor?

      4) Is it possible
      for ABT to formally switch to EVA without seriously
      disrupting the current deployment strategy and/or management
      reporting system - which might have to be formally revamped
      to accomodate its parameters.

      Thanks again,
      Best to Longs...

      • 2 Replies to econvalue7
      • 1) Does ABT still keep 2 sets of books in each
        division, with fake numbers being passed from the plants to
        the divisions, then from the divisions to
        2) Does ABT still hold back inventory at the end of
        each quarter in order to manipulate sales? Oh wait,
        that was when health care reform was a threat,
        2) Does ABT still have a 85% turnover rate in their
        finance department? After all, those poor analysts have
        to come up with numbers for each update before the
        current period is over. Crunch crunch crunch! After all,
        gotta be the first to put out that earnings report,
        never mind the slave labor and fake numbers!
        3) Does
        ABT still have an abysmally low rate of women in
        senior management? Oh yeah, once they put a woman as a
        direct report to a division president in order to look
        good for the glass ceiling report. She had no direct
        reports and a fake title.
        4) Is Abbott still a
        hierarchical, white male run, good ole boy, sleep with your
        secretary and make her your wife type of


      • Wisper talk has it that ABT is having serious discussions with Boston Scientific regarding merger. Will he confirm or deny discussions?

    • What are his price per share targets for 2000 and 2001? Under what circumstances would he consider a friendly takeover offer? An unfriendly takeover offer?

    • the form 10k on Edgar today? if so, please report, thanks

    • My, my. Seems you have a rather large chip on
      your shoulder. Did you forget your Prozac? Let me
      guess. You are an ex-ABT employee who "left" because mgt
      didn't see how brilliant you are. Am I close?

    • idiot an intelligent question---or any question for that matter?

    • miles_to_go_before_i_reap miles_to_go_before_i_reap Mar 16, 2000 7:59 PM Flag

      "....there are much bigger companies...."

    • You've got it right on all the way. As a former
      corporate officer in several different companies, I've had
      more than my share of experience in this laughable
      product of our national sociology. Agree especially with
      you on blacks. Many of them would actually appreciate
      the fair treatment - and are very competent if given
      the chance. Ironically, two of the smartest, most
      competent people I've ever met were black...and I like the
      symetry of that very much. The duds I've experienced were
      on the same frequency as any white trash I've

      Women are another matter though, especially if they are
      very attractive and have a "climber's" agenda. While
      many of them have the mental horsepower for the
      execution of complex tasks, they can be de-railed for other
      reasons later on - usually when their "Melrose Place -
      the world owes me a living and worship because I'm
      beautiful" dispositions just wear thin, especially if they
      don't know - or learn - how to channel it effectively
      at an elevated level. Personally witnessed this
      phenom several times. None of them amounted to anything
      more than a "Soccer Mom" in the final round

      Finally, especially concur on the "letting everyone
      participate in the rat race on their own"; however, the
      epistemologically (and possibly psychologically/mentally) diseased
      Liberal will never accept the requirements of personal
      responsibility for it - never. The advocates will be subject to
      demonization, the art of the media smear, etc...

    • miles_to_go_before_i_reap miles_to_go_before_i_reap Mar 12, 2000 10:34 PM Flag

      I was quoting the Bible or anything else. So before you correct me make sure you are correct!!!!

    • Does anyone have any REAL news about ABT? It
      seems to me this board is mainly used for 1) whining
      about ABT's supposedly lousy internal morale, 2)
      complaining about glass ceilings, quotas and the like, or 3)
      discussing esoteric US politics. It has become a sometimes
      amusing, but mostly annoying, battleground for personal
      issues that have little to do with ABT stock. Your
      feelings are real and, therefore, valid. But take 'em
      somewhere else.

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