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  • rongern rongern Apr 12, 2000 8:09 PM Flag

    Need ABT employee (off topic)

    I don't work for ABT but I've talked to many that
    have. I understand that if you like to drink beer, go
    to strip clubs, and don't have much on the ball then
    you should do very well. However, if you are a
    minority, woman, actualy have some intelligence or are a
    moral person, beware. Some ABT managers refer to
    minority employes using racial slurs. Of course, only the
    white employees hear them.

    The company does an
    annual employee survey. The survey confirms that
    employees belive that company politics are much more
    important than accomplishment or ability when it comes to

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    • Please go away. When I retired; we were being
      buried in Liberal managers, women , and many minorities.
      Middle age white males were being
      "encouraged" to
      take early retirement.Most of my minority friends were
      being well treated, and doing a good job. My final
      complaint was there was too much social engineering, and
      not enough work on increasing sales. This could be
      the problem with the stock price. Maybe? I would also
      like to congratulate "Onlyonpaper"
      for his sound
      reasoning and information provided to the rest of us.

    • While I appreciate your perspective basically
      your are just fueling rumors and heresay. I worked at
      Abbott for 5 years before heading back to get my MBA. It
      is a great company that knows how to make things
      happen. I have some intelligence (one of top 125 CPA exam
      scores in the nation), my wife worked there too (and did
      **quite** well there).

      While there might be problems
      with select employees I guarantee you will find that
      with **any** company. I have **never** heard or
      witnessed a manager at Abbott referring to minorities with
      slurs (and I am white).

      If this company is
      filled with people who are "not on the ball", then why
      is Abbott consistently rated as one of the world's
      best managed companies?

      In terms of personal
      behavior the company was the most conservative place I
      have ever worked for. Sure, people might go to a happy
      hour now and then after work.

      The bottom line
      My wife and I have absolutely NO REGRETS about
      working there. The experience we gained there was
      extremely valuable. I am even considering going back there
      once I get my MBA. I know I won't be disappointed if
      and when I do.

    • You are way off base and misinformed about Abbott employees.

    • The "crying towels" are in the closet. Grab a
      couple and take a hike. I HAVE been with Abbott for 26
      years and seen your type come and go. Your accusations
      about minorities being passed over is totally bogus.
      With Gov contracts, you WILL maintain a "minority"
      work force at ALL LEVELS. Blow your smoke elsewhere!

    • Youre talking about the Morgan Hill location?
      And by the way, thanks for the input.


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