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  • former_abbott former_abbott Apr 24, 2000 9:02 AM Flag

    Need ABT employee (off topic)


    You are clueless. You cannot
    use assertions of how the world was 40-50 years ago
    to make arguments now. I hate to tell you a lot of
    people yearn for the Ward and June Cleaver days. Sure
    that would be a wonderful option. Wake up buddy, it
    isn't an option for a growing percentage of the
    population including those who are well educated. The only
    way to make that an option in many places, including
    Chicago, is to move yourself to a below-par neighborhood
    with higher crime rates and a crappy education system.
    Sure, if I could make that sacrifice maybe we could do
    it. Yeah, i'm just materialistic. I want my kids to
    have the opportunity to go to good schools and not
    live in fear. That's the problem with all of us who
    don't care about our families, just ourselves. We are
    just too materialistic to give up these ridiculous
    desires, aren't we? I don't know where you live but you
    obviously aren't in touch with reality in metropolitan
    areas, anyway. Give me a budget for somebody making $50
    grand a year to support a family. I'd like to see it.

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