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  • wizonwall wizonwall Sep 27, 2000 12:47 AM Flag

    By all means ABT is over sold... Buy it

    ABT seems over sold and at a PE of under 30 this
    stock is dirt cheap wonder why it has no support but
    the analysts are waiting for the earnings and once
    they are in the stock will go past 58 and much higher
    before the year end.

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    • Your points are well taken. ABT's single digit
      growth is a direct result of poor management decisions
      by Duane Burnham, particularly the contentious
      relationship with the FDA and the Takeda relationship -
      Burnham was reportedly unhappy with Takeda back in the
      '95-'96 timeframe.

      Other health care companies
      have similar affirmative action programs, but they
      made better strategic decisions to keep up their
      double digit internal growth rates. I thought it was
      interesting that a prior internal poster said that Burnham
      wasn't even listed as a retiree on some internal listing
      of them but that Hodgson was. It appears that the
      BOD figured out that his risk-averse strategy sold
      them all short.

    • When did you arrive in this country ... and from
      which planet? Remember "all men are created

      "three civil rights activists killed in Mississippi
      ....... were registered Republicans" Who cares - they
      were LIBERALS or they wouldn't have been there! Yes,
      Sellhi, there were liberal Republicans then and there are
      a lot more than you think, now.

      "I prefer
      the standards of law to your utopian vision" My
      utopian vision, hah! You are living in a utopian dream
      about "Standards of law" when so many states and cities
      are having to deal with racial profiling? Lets deal
      with reality, Sellhi.

    • drug firms I think you'll find that they also
      support affirmative action, so what is the point? If they
      did better its because they made the right decisions
      while Abbott made the wrong ones. Abbott's poor
      performance in the last year and a half has to do with
      decisions made years ago re: the FDA by past and present
      senior management who are not minorities last time I
      looked. They also screwed up the relationship with Takeda
      and their growth strategy seems questionable at best.
      TAP has its own problem with Uprima and none of these
      problems have anything to do with affirmative

      Affirmative action should not be a subject for this board
      except to say that we're pleased Abbott has a good
      reputation. That should have been the end of the subject
      months ago except a core group of arch conservatives has
      to blame someone, so why not do the same old thing
      and blame the minorities for everything.

      worked at Abbott with people of many races and creeds
      and religions .... and women, too. Some were better
      than I and some weren't. Possibly some were promoted
      because of affirmative action, but I'll tell you this -
      they were held accountable and either performed or
      they were pushed aside. The people who continually
      grouse about affirmative action should take their
      whining elsewhere.

    • Bocabergs, do me a favor and look at the growth
      charts for the past 2 years of Abbott and compare them
      to growth in other pharmaceuticals companies.
      Investors want returns. Maybe Abbott shouldn't be so
      concerned with earning community respect, I'd rather see
      company results.

    • Just remember that Sellhi brought this subject up
      from nowhere AGAIN.

      Why does it stick in your
      craw that Abbott has earned the respect of the
      community by trying its best to be an equal opportunity

      Plutothecat_17, your ramblings never fail
      to make a great case for voting Democratic.

    • My inside source tells me third quarter earnings
      are THE measuring stick for Miles' performance and
      future as CEO.

      If ABT stock is currently cheap,
      it's only because large house investors are hedging
      their bets by acting cautiously. They're doing the
      right thing.

    • The whole drug sector has been under pressure.
      Abbott has held up well. From a low of $28 to $46.25 is
      pretty good. I have been predicting $60 by end of year
      for several months now. IMHO Abbott has alot going
      for it with the approval of Kaletra, there joint
      venture with TAP and you are right a PE under 30. With a
      PE of 35 on next year projected earnings of over $2
      that would be a price of $75. Long & strong!

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