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  • dnt30dnt dnt30dnt Mar 25, 2010 11:40 AM Flag

    Does anyone have a logical idea as to why ABAT

    Can't seem to ever report an earnings date ? I addressed this on a CC about a year ago and I was assured by ABAT that this would no longer be an issue in the future, yet it occures qtr after qtr. They must have a rational for not providing an earnings date, but I can't seem to figure it out. They know investors, including the big boys don't like this, so why do it ? It's about respect and allowing both small and big investors prepare for the earnings call, yet ABAT doesn't seem to give a crap. The problem we see is the PPS builds and builds and once we reach around the earnings season and investors don't see an earnings date, ABAT slowly begins to sell off. So by the time we have earnings, the PPS has dripped so much that any positive earnings slightly lifts the pps, but not where it origionally was prior to the drip sell.

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    • If you go to ABAT web in Chinese version. You will see the company is looking for an external CFO. Obviously the existing CFO has trouble to manage the company's financial practice.

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      • My impression regarding the current CFO and the opening is somewhat different.

        The current CFO has had no problem preparing the financial statements in the prior few quarters. What is happening now I could only speculate.

        The current CFO stepped into daily operations only after the prior CFO resigned and took a position in China with a plastics company. During his tenure ABAT managed to pull off a few private placements. This I feel is why they are looking for an "over seas" CFO. ABAT has shown itself to be a prolific user of its stock to raise capital. I don't think the current CFO feels comfortable doing this. Probably too much of a cultural/language barrier.

        Anyway, that's my thinking on the topic for what it's worth.

      • Boy.

        That inspires confidence.

    • Dnt,
      I invested in this company a month ago after doing a lot of is rated as one of the highest growth stock by Motely Fool. I am holding 3 stocks recommended by Motely Fool this year and all of them have appreciated between 20 to 40%. I traded the 4th one with 2% profit, as I needed the money. That stock appreciated another 35% in one month after I sold. I believe this is a great stock to hold for at least a year if you buy it below $4. I did not listen to their last cc. Please provide your impression of how management handled missing their EPS guidance by a cent.
      Regarding chronic delay in earnings release..this may be orchestrated manipulation..Big money accumulates stock on the drop and sells it when it recovers. I do not like managements that do this..but, fundamentals of ABAT and the growth in this area is explosive.
      I am also looking for other small cap companies with good balance sheets in automotive and electronic gadget power supply businesses.

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      • China Auto Systems CAAS just came out with a good earnings report. I see some price appreciation.

        China Auto Logistics CALI looks promising for some upside but dont count on a large jump, maybe a nice uptrend for a while.
        They have high sales with a low stock price. Their 3x book value so theyre not too high for a sell-off just yet.

        Hong Kong Highpower HPJ just came out with a good report, another battery stock but dont buy if price is too high.

        China BAK Battery CBAK might have turnaround potential but I dont like investing in neg EPS stocks that have to make up bad earnings. Its a turn around or contrarian play.

        There is alot of talk about Sorl Auto Parts SORL and Wonder Auto Tech WATG but Ive been following them a long time and am cautious since Ive seen drops in their stock from time to time.

        Thats my 2 cents for whatever its worth...

        I bumped up my original article about ABAT, look under my name tmkay.

    • ROFL.

      Too funny.

    • So you are saying Hitler is causing ABAT stock to go down?

    • No, shorting will continue to thrive, unfortunately.

      I could recommend several authors and historians, but I always found John Toland one of the best when reading about the "Great Patriotic War" (or the 2nd world war in general). His work is generally apolitical, and his personal interviews with combatants (all sides) and civilians is fascinating.

      You might try his book "The Last 100 Days".

    • If I would be CEO, and my data would be spectacular, this is exactly I would do. Even would spread some negative rumors. And then squize the bloody bastards-shorts.

    • Their marketing and investor relations does seem to lack a certain finesse based on Western standards. I guess I can't speak for the Chinese. Maybe mushrooms are better grown in the dark with bulls$%t for information?

      Sooooo we wait.

    • Rumor has it that the battery operated abacus is in for repair. But that's just a rumor.

    • I totally agree. This company does exhibit a certain disregard to share price.

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