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  • osufishman osufishman May 6, 2012 9:24 AM Flag

    On Monday... ABATs largest customers

    Yes, this is the biggest buyer i have seen yet. He is taking everything that gets offered and the MM have to keep lifting their spread higher. Maybe it's a short covering and reversing a former position, or maybe the buyback finally started, I don't know, but the last few days its 90% is coming from one buyer, the other 10% is my shares and a few others on here. The shares that are being bought are mostly coming from no real sellers, just the 3 MMs algos trying to capture spread s and they are weak and getting ran over by the buying activity. So why not we all help out a little and put even more pressure on, applied at the line in the sand the MMS try to set each day. That's what I am doing.

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