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  • ditzil ditzil May 19, 2012 4:48 PM Flag

    Fu has clearly abdicated fiduciary responsibility

    No matter what the reason or circumstance there is no excuse for how the company has abandoned shareholders. Were it not for Joel's extraordinary efforts most of us would have taken our beaten several months ago.

    I have no idea what goes thru his (Fu) or the board's minds or how the Chinese way of thought interprets their responsibility to shareholders but I can say that they have treated us poorly.

    I can think of many ways they could have mitigated our frustration and they have chosen not a one. The reason this board has so few true longs and such an obnoxious group of ignorant people can be traced directly to the company's lack of communication.

    For this reason I wish I never invested here but here I'll remain until this plays out. It's a sad pathetic way to be treated. The one thing I do know is it is unproductive and masochistic to read the drones that inhabit this board. I don't know how other longs do it.

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    • I agree totally, we have been abused like no other stockholders. I can't beleive that a company with major revenue levels, run by adults, can be so blatantly irresponsible and short sighted. There are only two things that would perhaps explain this behaviour: 1. They cannot make any statements because of legal advice of counsel. 2. They are purposefully engaged in running the price down for a duration that would give "them" opportunity to accumulate substantial ownership over time. I am inclined to beleive it is the second item. At this point, someone will be in for a big payday if even half the revenues are real. I just hope we patient souls can get back to around $3.00 to minimze losses and get out. Fu's not the only one suffering health issues over this thing !

    • It is what you make it!!

      I keep saying put the paid bashers on 'ignore' but some continue to engage them keeping these idiots going - like feeding ants honey.

      So if 'bashers' are making you uncomfortable then you deserve it. They certainly don't bother me.

      As for ABAT - providing we are not shortchanged on a buyout I could care less, assuming we get rewarded this year!!

    • 再-会 You forgot your meds?

    • Ok now ...good bye.... , 再见.

    • I'm going to buy three month out apple calls that would aug calls. This stock is dead. IMO

    • I am going to continue to believe that there is a linear process to all of this, and that The Silence is a function of that process. Let's see what happens after the class action suit it taken care of.

    • >> I'm glad you feel good about owning siaf.

      Not yet, but it'll come. Because the company is doing everything right (except file on time) and their primary focus is to reward the shareholders.

      >> I wouldn't know how to value such a complex model such as siaf so their making 3 cents with all that structure doesn't inspire me.

      8 cents as compared to 2 cents a year ago. $5.6M net profit for Q1. That's unsual for an agricultural business because the first quarter is usually very slow. And that tells you they are applying a new business model.

      I don't know about ABAT except that we are stuck here. And Fu better come through with his promise to shareholders. The guy is an idiot, but you knew that when you invested in the company.

    • I'm glad you feel good about owning siaf. Perception is reality. I don't know what abat is personally. Unvalidated numbers sight unseen is hard for me to give any value. For all I know Fu could have scammed us all including Joel. I wouldn't know how to value such a complex model such as siaf so their making 3 cents with all that structure doesn't inspire me.

    • One of the reasons why ABAT is so undervalued is because nobody wants to hold the stock. It's not because it's a fraud or whatever. There is simply zero demand as people don't feel like entering or staying in the house of pain for too long. But you have to make a clear distinction between "value" and how you personally feel about owning the stock. But you know all that already.

      Why should you care about SIAF? Because you will get it both. The hidden value AND you get to feel good about owning it.
      The first mistake that you're making is that it is not "Chinese" in the classic sense although it is being treated that way, for now. It has an Australian/Malaysian management team (although they operate in China) and they have gone through the complete Form 10 process which basically tells you it is not a fraud.

    • Why would I care? I don't own siaf. If this goes down I'm thru with Chinese stocks. In fact I'd like to sell the whole lot here and buy some aapl calls.

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