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  • ditzil ditzil Jun 19, 2012 7:41 PM Flag

    lbcb said abat vol was dried up

    Another from the serial liar. Beware

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    • Why do lie so much?

    • You are a born liar. You hear me liar!!!!!!!!!!!

    • NP I will just post it for you.

    • Excellent point. Since I do not have the authority to post what I know I should shut up. As for the aapl calls I got lots of them into January. See you all on the flip side.

    • Why can't you post this information on an open forum where it can be discussed? Easy... it can't survive scrutiny because you know it is just more lies in your pump & dump campaign.

      Because one of their speculation is FU is going to take it private. They also say the numbers are real and the last filing was real. Production at Dongguan QiangQian New Energy Technology Co is near full capacity. They also put a lot faith in the letter form FU and the fact that was re posted on the web site. What they fail to mention is that the web was not updated and is just pretty much the same information. Oh they also put faith in the constuction pictures. There has been a total of three people form this board who have been to China and to the plants plus had meeting with fu. In each meeting he has pretty much said the same thing. I know on one meeting FU was thinking about returning the the US capital markets but was very frustarted with it. They do have a canidate for CFO. The meeting Source said still one custmor repursents 10% of their China business. They have also 14 patents in the battery veichle divisdion. On each visit it appeared that company had product in packages ready for shipping and the veichle lines were moving with planty of bikes. Turkey has been very good. Sales so for for this year have been pretty well. About 6 to 8% higher then previsous years. Matearal cost is flat.

      Well That all for now.

      Now I'm ready to get insluted and slammed and thrown under the "bus" for posting this.

      Like I said before my beef is the company is so dam slient about thing and they lead to rapid seculations on both sides.

    • <I get four to five e-mails per day from shareholders who don't post on this board because it is dominated by the same drones every day who claim they have no shares.>

      Why would they listen to someone who claims to have AAPL November and December calls when they don't exist?

      <There is a whole lot going on not discussed on this board.>

      LOL! You make posts to "newbies" yet you are holding back all this great information that would enable them to pull the trigger and buy this gem? Why would that be?

      Why can't you post this information on an open forum where it can be discussed? Easy... it can't survive scrutiny because you know it is just more lies in your pump & dump campaign.

      To all who got the private emails... did anything they hinted at come true or did you just see them sell their shares while dropping the price? Don't take my word for it. Look at the pumper's words and ask yourself if they have any credibility.

      Gotta love these longest days of the year. Light out at 5:00 A.M.

    • Sure he is a drunken liar. It was funny. I'm thinking about posting some of them emails for entertainment. They been breached and have no clue by who.

    • "Like your Nov dec apple calls? "

      muhahahah ditz sure showed his colors on that one!!!

    • Like your Nov dec apple calls?

    • It has dried up, moron. Can you read?

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