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  • project2069 project2069 Aug 10, 2012 9:08 AM Flag

    Any daytrading suggestions? Anyone, friend or foe.


    I have around $3,000 free cash in my account that I would like to daytrade with. I'm hoping to make a profit of at least $150, and need to close out my position by 2:00 pm today. Long positions only, no shorts.

    Any suggestions? Is anyone elce daytrading anything today?

    (I just purchased four gallons of paint and painting supplies at Lowes, and would like have my purchase covered by the trade.)

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    • I use VWINX. Very conservative allocation and it beats inflation consistently.

    • Check out EVV & FAX...only time they dropped in the last 10 years was the crash of 2008. Other than that, steady dividend and a steady income. Wish I would have just kept a lot of my money there instead of moving it around...

      ARR has been really good to me the last 1.5 yrs and should stay that way through the end of 2013 if interest rates stay low.

    • you cant day trade with 3k, you will lose it all, and you will be marked PDT, account locked until you deposit 24k. If you are serious about this get at least 30k. Then again its better to lose 3k, than 30k, than 300k. So go ahead lose the money now and maybe someday you will learn to trade counter to your emotions and how to profit off this scam rigged casino that is the market, its fed manipulation and front running institutions and market makers, because day trading is about beating them at their own game, goodluck.

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      • you can day trade options.

        another thing is you wont get locked, what happens is you can't buy/sell/buy/sell something the same day. you have to wait till the first buy/sell/buy clears before you sell again.

        you should know this osu...

        this goes for all accounts even if over the 25k limit, unless you keep a cash reserve like most smart day traders do. so we can work around the 3 day clearance rule.. just keep an eye on your cash is all i have to say or you might get stuck holding something for 3 days which can be a nightmare.

    • I have several tax clients just like you and the pattern is unmistakedly the same. Lots of trades with small profits then kaboom the one that goes haywire and all the small trading wins are consumed by the loser and then some.

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