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  • lbcb321 lbcb321 Sep 27, 2012 10:27 AM Flag

    OT: SCEI

    You're going to love this.... After trading was suspended at $1.06, realdutch was down 39% (at least) on SCEI. They got delisted by NASDAQ and went to the OTC (sound familiar?). Did realdutch accept he got caught in another Chinese fraud? Nope. He bought more at .29 (sound familiar?). It is now at .25.

    Here's the kicker... mariarobby is posting the same crud on the SCEI board as here attacking those who pointed out what would happen with SCEI. You can't make this stuff up,folks.

    TOO funny.

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    • = It is now at .25.

      I bought even more at 0.25 today. Not going in aggressively though.
      Why would it be a concern to you? Everything will be disclosed on ALTI board.

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      • =Why would it be a concern to you?

        Because you try to pass yourself off as some type of expert on these Chinese stocks and people have a right to know how wrong you have been over and over again yet you keep repeating your mistakes.

        Just like it wasn't that long ago I told you what would happen to CCCL as China construction cooled. You ridiculed me when I was spot on and it is now down to $1.75 from $3.25 when I made my call. This was all documented in real time.

        You are simply wrong on your Chinese picks yet you have the audacity to continue to pump them. I'll bet mariarobby is really glad they got into SCEI on your recommendation only to see a huge loss.

    • I don't think it is funny.

      Maria and dutch are probably decent people and I am extremely saddened to see them take such a loss.

      What can we say loss aversion is ingrained in our human gene.
      We dont like to take that loss and call it a day.

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      • =Maria and dutch are probably decent people

        If they were decent people, I would console them and not chide them for their losses. They both have a long, long history of attacking those that have correctly pointed out the faults in their investments to help them out. They have both conned others into losses. They are not decent people and when Karma jumps up and bites them in the behind... it is fitting for those who have observed them for years to remark on it.

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