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  • wangban2001 wangban2001 Jan 3, 2013 11:08 AM Flag

    My thoughts

    Dear Sirs,

    ABAT stock is being afflicted intentionally made to be low from consortium with short sellers, paid bashers, intimidators that is being funded by chinese or american parties who hate abat for no real reason, only fabricated oones. they are intimidating shareholders to sell stock to take over company. they moniter eveyr single message, every single shareholder. they no play fair. they mean and bad.

    once they have shares they will take it higher,

    these my thoughts

    Wang PRC

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    • The only reason this stock is so low is because the Chairman has not said a WORD in over a year. I will wait him out and the short sellers and bashers have NO affect on me holding this stock.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • You are correct on why the PPS is down.

        However, recently it appears that someone is manipulating the price down. You can see this in the trading pattern. The question is who and why?
        It may even be the MM on behalf of ABAT as the pattern is typical of a low liquidity 'buyback' program. ABAT can still implement this under their June 2011 program. They would still use the standard SEC compliance program. This means they could only buy back (typically) 25% of the daily volume.
        Why? Probably, to reduced the number of shareholders (or at least shares) so when they take it private they can afford to pay more to shareholders. This way all remaining shareholders will benefit.
        This is why 'saying nothing' is brilliant!!

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