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  • twist.nrev twist.nrev Jan 6, 2013 9:46 AM Flag

    Run Forrest Run! continue on Monday?

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    • There are two possible explanations for this recent run. I do not think it likely that out of the blue someone simply decided it was time to buy ABAT. However, if someone knows something we do not know, it could cause this situation. In that case, the run might continue. The more likely reason would be that the last big short holder decided to get out. That would mean this run will end soon. We will soon find out. I vote for news.

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      • Is it feasible that Pomerantz ( the law firm) is buying the shares knowing that the Class ACTION is coming to a settlemement ane stock will move substantially higher.

        Sentiment: Hold

      • It's a big buyer.

        I sold some shares for $0.24 because there is always a chance that it might fall again if it's a short-squeeze. Right after I sold, a 100k buyer emerged taking us up 2 or 3 more pennies at the close. This is not a short-squeeze because we had too much volume. We actually exceeded the total number of short positions by over 100k. I think the buying will continue on monday.

      • It really does not matter. We know, from the trading pattern, that the stock was being suppressed. As soon as it started to climb someone stepped in with a 'low sale' and this is only possible with low stock liquidity. This could have been ABAT or a 'short'.
        When it became apparent that this tactic was not working the stock was allowed to rise naturally and now we have momentum.
        The only danger now is that buying dries up and we get profit taking by whoever got in at 15c to 20c. Otherwise the march continues till buyout/privatization happens.

      • Shorts are normally semi-inteligent investors, most would have used a limit order to keep the price from moving up.

      • If it is the action of an exiting short. The chart wouldn't' have wavered mid session. Spanish money perhaps? There is an ABAT study underway to possibly expand assembly operations to Spain. And don't overlook the high energy bounce off the 52 week low. If I had twenty loose grand it would have gone in on December 31st. Looks like a realistic entry is now $.25-$.26 per share. With an outside shot at $.24 per share. Investors will know in the first hour of trading Monday 7th.

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