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  • wangban2001 wangban2001 Jan 11, 2013 3:54 AM Flag

    Dear shareholdermeeting @ YAHOO ...

    Dear Sirs,

    I say Mr. LBCB makes me wonder. Culture here rewards a man still on the money who was no nice to many people. Your country have lots of men on money and some womans too, Many views make for truth. Confucous say something like this. . . long time ago.

    Wang PRC

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    • Give it up. We already know that the "original" Wang was a fraud. Too funny you spoof a fraud ID. We know it is you, twist.

      Funny... I didn't see you able to refute any of the points I brought up. Let's pick just one for today:

      They clearly stated in an SEC filing they owned "100% of the capital stock" in a subsidiary only to "buy" it later. Capital stock is a very distinct and succinct term with no ambiguous meaning. It doesn't mean "controlled through VIE agreements". I'm even giving the company benefit of the doubt that it was an "error" to state this and no deception was intended. Do you agree or disagree that somebody purchasing ABAT stock believing they owned those assets only to find out later they had to pay another $20M for them was harmed and suffered real monetary damages?

      You can't even accept and admit the easy ones. There are allegations that are 100% proven from ABAT's own filings and other public documentation. That is the definition of delusional when you have an incontrovertible FACT that you refuse to accept. Come on twist/wang... how do you explain away that one?

      Busy day today, but I'll check for your reply this evening.

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