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  • shareholdermeeting shareholdermeeting Jan 12, 2013 6:15 PM Flag

    Dutch, thereal, Joel, JimS, Twist

    I am guessing come this March, you will be as fed up with the company not filing as the many many emails I got today from loyal shareholders. No lawsuit allows a company to shirk their legal responsibility to file their periodic reports. They could at least be current and be listed on the OTCBB as a legitimate company.

    But we all know that is not their goal now is it. It is to steal this company right out from underneath us. By February 28th I am hopeful to have the total support of all shareholders this side of the pond to take action.

    Disclaimer: I am Long ABAT and this darkness has to end.

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    • shareholdermeetingisafraud shareholdermeetingisafraud Jan 29, 2013 10:02 PM Flag

      How was your 2-week vacation from your alias LBCB? You are such a fraud!!!
      Everyone do a search for 'shirk' and order it if you want. Here are the last hits.
      ALL ARE FROM LBCB. Nobody but LBCB and SHAREHOLDERMEETING use that. LBCB seems to love that word and this is PROOF that LBCB is SHAREHOLDERMEETING.
      You should be ashamed of yourself lbcb!!! You are unhuman and the lowest of life forms you #$%$! Now go log in with any of the other aliases you have and do what you do best you fraud.

      The last results from 'shirk' (ALL LBCB!!):

      They are trying to give you just enough scraps to keep shareholders from taking back the BOD and replacing those who are shirking their fiduciary duty.

      They are shirking their duties to create value for CURRENT shareholders.

      Foo is shirking his fiduciary duty to the shareholders as he is personally named in the lawsuit.

      In my opinion, ABAT has shirked their fiduciary duty to shareholders and regardless of how the company may be doing, the common shares are in very real danger of being suspended/revoked by the SEC.

      If ABAT continues to shirk their duties, they WILL be either suspended or have their registration revoked by the SEC.

      You want to believe the one that has caused you the greatest harm of all and has shirked his fiduciary duty at every turn.

      They decided to slink away into the night and shirk all fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders.

      We have no way of knowing if they are also shirking that duty.

      They have not acted properly in the past and are continuing to shirk their fiduciary duties to shareholders by not reporting according to the rules they agreed to.

      That is the rule ABAT is now registered under and thy are REQUIRED to file with the SEC and will also face suspension or have their securities revoked if they continue to shirk their duties.

      That still does not mean they can shirk their duties to the SEC.

      When you are guilty... you shirk your filing requirements so as not to further incriminate yourself.

      Instead of mitigating this 25% loss, they shirked their responsibilities.

      No attorney is going to tell them to shirk their fiduciary duty to their shareholders.

      The SEC will probably revoke their registration before the case is settled if they continue to shirk their filing duties.

      They can't hide the facts just because they are shirking their filing duties.

      What he is guilty of is shirking his fiduciary duties to shareholders.

      The Democrats shirked their duties and fled the state.

      Why have they shirked their responsibilities and quit filing their quarterly reports?

      The problem is too many things are unverified and I think it is inexcusable for them to shirk their fiduciary duties and come into compliance.

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      • =and this is PROOF that LBCB is SHAREHOLDERMEETING.


        I think shareholdermeeting doesn't know what he is doing. He seems to think he has to round up votes before a meeting is even announced. It doesn't work that way. First you get the meeting date and then you solicit proxies. I think he was all talk. You should be thanking him. He has Foo running scared. You sheeple could take back your company. The law is straightforward for you to do so and you want to keep getting Foo'ed.

    • Of course total support of all shareholder here is expected from shareholdermeeting. That is the most undelusional statement this benevolent poster can say!

    • A filing would probably bounce this up to $2.00 a share. We would be much better off with a low PPS until thy counter file a suit against V V R and Co and perhaps NASDAQ??
      Then we would most likely see $4/sh?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I would be very upset if they DID file!!

      Why give the opposition ammunition?

      I expect this to go back to the court for resolution. I expect that it will not pass the mustard for a class action and subsequently be kicked out.
      We want the sympathy of the judge, not a filing that shows they have $100 million in the bank!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • "No lawsuit allows a company to shirk their legal responsibility to file their periodic reports."

      You have been listening too much to LBCB.
      CBEH has reached out to the SEC and explained the situation in August. They CANNOT report earnings until the lawsuit has been settled. Neither can they go private or repurchase stock.

      The same must apply to ABAT. They must have reached out to the SEC and explain the situation. It would make perfect sense. I think that if there were a serious threat that their registration might be revoked, they would publish the results immediately, as CHBT did. Who were effectively forced to release them.

      The BOD is not stupid.

      Retreat... and bug management about a dividend, would be my advice.
      Save the shareholder meeting and the treaths for later, should we really need them.

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      • "They must have reached out to the SEC and explain the situation."

        They did NOT reach out to anyone when they received the Warning letter that they were going to be delisted from NASDAQ; so WHY would you believe they would have reached out to the SEC now?

        And just how do you know CBEH reached out to the SEC?
        Did CBEH publish a statement, providing shareholders with that information?

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