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  • jimsutter10 jimsutter10 Feb 22, 2013 10:41 AM Flag

    Push for a Dividend


    I have decided to push for a dividend recently. I have emailed Jimmy that I think a dividend, (most likely post settlement) would go a great distance in resolving turbulence between shareholders and management.

    Please join me in my efforts to push for a post settlement dividend. I am talking about a dividend the company could easily absorb. Something between $.10 and $.20/share.

    Also, I differ with therealfacts, I think they should settle and put the case behind them. I do think they care about shareholder interest and concerns unlike some companies that just go completely dark.

    By the way, I hate this two line message board. Very hard to proof read.
    Have a great weekend everyone.

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    • Well, I've been asking for a dividend for the past18 months. And F(u) still no comprendre.

    • =I am talking about a dividend the company could easily absorb. Something between $.10 and $.20/share.

      They had to make a draw on a line of credit as the last financial record you are aware of and you think they have tens of millions of dollars laying around for a dividend? You don't even know how many shares are outstanding. They could have diluted you away to nothing.

      Seriously, Jim... haven't you looked up the financials for any of the companies that DO report? Can't you see that the battery industry in China got overbuilt and everybody is losing money there now? Some of these people here will never get a clue, but you are smarter than this, Jim. Surely you can understand how foolish it is to rely on two year old numbers that were in doubt in the first place when the entire industry has changed completely.

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      • All articles I've read point to huge increases in the demand for lithium ion batteries especially the 100% penetration of Cell phones in China. Think about all the laptops, tablets, phones, camera's, gizmo's, bikes, scooters, apple watches etc.. Quite a few items that were once lead acid will want to convert over to lithium ion batteries.

        As for competition AONE has gone under so there is one less competitor. CBAK is not doing very well.

        ABAT protects itself by being in dual industries, Electric vehicles and batteries.

    • Agree, even $0.02/qtr would be 25-30% return (based on current PPS).

    • Agree, would love to see a dividend. This will further validate the Chairman's "actions to reward" statement. And most definitely lift per share price. Everyone wins (except shorts and bashers).

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